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squadra omega - nervoso (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // squadra omega
LABEL // holidays records (it)
CAT // hol107lp


Squadra Omega teams up again revealing itself in the shape of a trio composed of -- exactly as for the session which gave birth to Il Serpente Nel Cielo (2015) -- OmegaFrank (drums), OmegaG8 (bass, electronics), and OmegaMatt (guitar, organ, sax, electronics). An improvised session recorded live by Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio, where the Squadra goes nervously free -- constantly suspended and harmonically non resolved -- following a trail of skilled atonal jazz rock guitar tunes leading to moments of dazed electronics. Definitely not an easy-listening album, wonderfully rendered. For fans of early ECM records. Masterful cut made by Daniel Krieger at SST in Frankfurt. Edition of 250.