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gajek - micromanic (10inch vinyl)


ARTIST // gajek
LABEL // infinite greyscale (de)
CAT // igr012ep


Micromanic is a colossal slab of percussive energy composed and performed by Berlin based Matti Gajek. Micromanic begins with tentative steps, which morph into a chattering electronic birdsong before giving way to an assertive, hammering bassline. The structure eventually crumbles into discordant noise and echoes, eventually giving way to something gentler. Gajek weaves a complex and varied narrative with absolute technical aplomb, resulting in an experimental and hypnotic recast of krautrock. He is also a member of New Composers Collective (NCC). Translucent purple vinyl, single-sided, silkscreened B side, Includes insert and photograph; Includes download code; Edition of 300 (numbered).