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siavash amini - tar (cd)


ARTIST // siavash amini
LABEL // hallow ground (ch)
CAT // hg1703cd


Continuing his experiments combining elements of drone and modern classical music, Tehran based composer Siavash Amini's fourth solo album Tar explores the fragile tensions between an individual and a collective subconscious. Making its starting point the expression of these feelings in dreams and nightmares of each individual, Tar translates the images, feelings, and textures into sound. After a series of noisier and less melodic albums, Tar catches the active listener with a subtle tension created by oscillating sounds somewhere between discomfort and transcendence. Even if some parts of Tar are quite disturbing, the record never becomes simply dark. "Amini provides a satisfying mix of modern classical composition, ambient noise, granular synthesis and musique concrte with a hint of muscularity below its serene surface." --The Guardian