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portable sunsets - order (2x12inchb vinyl lp)


ARTIST // portable sunsets
LABEL // atomnation (nl)
CAT // atmv047lp


Portable Sunsets is one of the monikers of Peter Segerstrom, a producer based in Brooklyn, US. He previously released his full-length album Bless on Atomnation (2015), an LP as Surfing on 1080p (2015), and another Portable Sunsets album on the Magical Properties label (2012). Order is the follow-up to these records and it is a dreamy, somewhat lo-fi experimental techno LP. Combined with an ancient ambient undertone, Order does not lose its club ready vibe -- This record floats somewhere between laid-back warehouse techno and electronica. Very much representing a unique style, Peter often uses his own voice in his productions, programmed through self-created synths in Max/MSP. Vocals have become textures and are used as a synth, pad, or soundscape. The combination of genres makes Order a perfect record to dream away to at home, as well as to dance to in clubs. Comes in a gatefold sleeve.