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the distractions - kindly leave the stage (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // the distractions
LABEL // occultation (uk)
CAT // ymir7e1050lp


LP version. 180 gram vinyl. After achieving some sort of world record by leaving a 32-year gap between the release of their first and second albums -- 1980's Nobody's Perfect and 2012's The End Of The Pier -- The Distractions have sped things up, and now after a gap of less than five years, they present their third (and final) album, Kindly Leave The Stage. The story of The Distractions -- from Manchester punk era legends to critically-rated pop geniuses to a quarter century of silence, and then a more-than-slight return with a 21st century album of grown-up, wise, elegiac guitar music -- is also the story of Mike Finney, one of the great blue-eyed soul voices, and Steve Perrin, a guitarist whose sense of melody and lightness is the perfect counterfoil to Finney's emotional grit. Mike and Steve have been the core of The Distractions for 40 years -- it's been a long, strange trip.