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ian hawgood - love retained (cd)


ARTIST // ian hawgood
LABEL // home normal (uk)
CAT // homen100cd


Home Normal label head Ian Hawgood describes recording Love Retained: "Love Retained is a series of mostly piano sketches I made which I had intended for collaboration. The recordings are simply tracked to cassette, and contain no editing or mastering, so you know, filled with 'mistakes'. They are pieces I found really enjoyable to make, and I have increasingly enjoyed looping on low levels at night, or when the mind wonders/wanders. They are incomplete and yet it feels right for me to give this to friends, family, and anyone else that this connects to in some way. The incompletion is a beautiful and freeing thing. This release marks my first and last solo release on the label I founded with my friend Ben [Jones] many moons ago, and also marks me fully stepping down from the label after returning for a bit in 2016."