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ben vince - monuments (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // ben vince
LABEL // blank editions (uk)
CAT // betbc006lp


Sophomore album from minimalist improviser Ben Vince. Monuments comes into an age of global uncertainty, where time and truth refract and mutate, demanding a response. From an axis of improvisation, Vince's saxophone works embrace the contours of more dynamic, emotive landscapes where rich motifs coalesce and feel their way around each other. In a departure from the more rigid looping of his debut The Purge (2016), Monuments explores much more progressive minimalist structures that undulate in-and-out of phase whilst not being afraid to suddenly warp or elevate unexpectedly. With four tracks spanning almost 35 minutes of music, each one is an epic journey into glacial melodies, drones, and velvet-like pitched bass tones, which sound even more lush on heavyweight vinyl. Ben Vince is also an active DJ, performer, and improviser, in demand for solo gigs, supporting the finest experimental acts old and new, including Keiji Haino and Tomaga. He is also known to be involved in live projects with Charles Hayward (This Heat) and NTS-selector and rising-star, Coby Sey. Comes in reverse board card cover with a stamped envelope, an art print and a collectors insert; 180 gram vinyl; Includes a download code.