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brume - autoportrait (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // brume
LABEL // rotorelief (fr)
CAT // rotor060lp


A reissue of Brume's Autoportrait, originally released in 1991 on cassette. C. Renou on the album: "Emergency and compression ... it is the climate in which this 50-minute material was recorded. Comettre, a Self-Portrait is not nothing! ... This is a sensitive exercise, deep, must find the note, must sustain his own honesty ... well so, do not crash! This project, in 1990, took ten hours! (execution, post production, and mastering ...). I privileged a direct and rapid expression so essential to squirt! But I confess some 'literary verbages' essential in my view have been borrowed. It's almost live, as the set was 'sloppy', and made in just a day and a night! There's practically raw material, thick, rusty metal (beware Tinnitus ears ...!), performed without concession and without cerebral onanism ... but only by pure nihilism!" Black vinyl version comes in an edition of 400 (numbered).