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katt hernandez - so(u)len(skin(ner) (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // katt hernandez
LABEL // ehse records (us)
CAT // ehse030lp


SO(U)LEN)SKIN(NER) is the second solo LP Katt Hernandez has released. After 13 years as a veteran of the variated wonderments of the experimental music scenes of the east coast, Katt moved to Sweden. She became a producer at the legendary Fylkingen artspace, started making electro-acoustic music alongside her long beloved violin at EMS and the Royal Music Academy alike, and is playing all about Sweden and further with a burgeoning tumult of new and fantastic musicians. Eight years after her first record Katts violin world, full of micro-tonalities, spectral harmonics, invisible artifacts and secret ululating tales of the impossible, has morphed in her new home.