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bnjmn - body reflections pt.1 (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // bnjmn
LABEL // tresor (de)
CAT // tresor290ep


BNJMN's four-track Body Reflections Pt.1 12" captures a uniquely subdued mood of ambient dance music while integrating seamlessly into Tresor's penchant for restrained and dub-inflected techno. Each track introduces symmetry and rhythm in the form of organic percussion. "Overskies" and "Enceladus" are more lethargic and ethereal, both blanketed with discordant melodies and arcing synth lines. "Hadal Zone" is more dance-oriented, with a sophisticated interplay of percussive elements looping over plaintive vocals and soft harmonies. "Syzygy" brings the EP to a techno-focused close with driving kicks, oscillating synths, and repeating minor chords.