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jesse osborne-lanthier - unalloyed, unlicensed, all night! (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // jesse osborne-lanthier
LABEL // raster-noton (de)
CAT // r-n119ep


Unalloyed, Unlicensed, All Night! is Jesse Osborne-Lanthier's first release on Raster-Noton, and the ninth and final release of the label's Unun series. The Berlin/Montreal based Canadian producer incorporates urgency into dance music and conceptual electronics by disassembling their grammar and acting through it. Unalloyed, Unlicensed, All Night! was recorded by Osborne-Lanthier a mere two hours before a live set in Paris. Its specific purpose was to generate a response from the audience, to stimulate their bodies through sound. The toolbox for this task was stocked with automatic call-and-response music tropes drawn from EDM, big-room house, trance, and online production tutorials.