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giorgio netti - ciclo del ritorno (dvd)


ARTIST // giorgio netti
LABEL // neos (de)
CAT // neos51701-02dvd


One could describe Italian composer Giorgio Netti's ciclo del ritorno for viola solo as a small odyssey of breathing, becoming acoustically transformed from the body, to space into the body, to material and body, to an?instrument of tradition. It narrates a journey and return carrying on the tradition of the ?????? (the poems of the Iliad, describing the return of the Greeks to their homeland after the conquest of Troy), whereby the viola assumes the role of the narrator, simultaneously serving as a narrating voice and the location of the journey; the expanded acoustical space as a slow return to the instrument, as separation and rebirth. Performed by Anna Spina, viola, with Benot Piccand, sound director. PAL, NTSC, region-free DVD. PCM 2.0 stereo. 16:9 aspect ratio. Includes an interview with Netti by Marcus Weiss.