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marcus fjellstrom - exercises in estrangement (cd)


ARTIST // marcus fjellstrom
LABEL // lampse audiovisual recordings (uk)
CAT // lamp002cd


"The title of this album summarizes in two words what the listener's expectations should be. The word 'exercise' might have to protect ourselves from something alien that will make us want to turn away. What young composer Marcus Fjellström has given us is a collection of very dark and melancholic pieces with a strange beauty. Normally composing works for orchestras and chamber musicians, as well as scores for films, these two practises have filtered through in 'Exercises.' Long, haunting ambient tracks are reminiscent of dark Lynchian worlds. Frantic orchestral moments could be the soundtrack to a Svankmajer mechanical puppet show or even a surreal circus performance. Like all the above would not qualify for an easy viewing, so Marcus' music is not one to embrace very quickly. It requires repeated listening in order to peel through all the layers and find the hidden musical pathways he has laid for us. An obvious comparison is the works of avant-garde composers such as John Cage, Steve Reich and Luciano Berio. A stronger reference point though would be the early experimentations of leading electronic music composer and Cage's close friend Morton Subotnick, as well as the output of modern electronica mavericks Aphex Twin and Autechre. Marcus, like them, acknowledges the advantages of the electronic medium and doesn't hesitate to place it at the centre of his work. Exercises In Estrangement is a strong example of the possible directions in modern (classical) music. Already paved by names such as Ligeti, Thomas Köner, Supersilent and Deathprod, to name but a few, the path is long..."