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pharmakustik - pulsed lavage (cd)


ARTIST // pharmakustik
LABEL // no. (germany)
CAT // no306cd


Pharmakustik, aka Siegmar Fricke, who previously graced the No. catalog in collaboration with Chile's Raw C with Anamorph Specimens (NO 304CD, 2015), presents his debut full-length album in the guise of Pulsed Lavage. According to Pharmakustik, Pulsed Lavage is an audio-surgical album. In its original medical context, the term means "removal of necrotic tissues in wounds by pressurized hydro-solutions." Pulsed Lavage expertly maneuvers the multiple stylistic themes within, from opiate-induced, narcotic bliss through to hammer-and-nail, dancefloor techno. Pulsed Lavage is as raw as it is beautiful, zig-zagging between moods almost like the automated surgical tools of its namesake. Pulsed Lavage, fun for all the Manson family.