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jaws - object dom (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // jaws
LABEL // hundebiss (it)
CAT // h031lp


Los Angeles musician Jaws presents his third full-length album, Object Dom. The tracks on Object Dom are a sort of broken rave song, littered with open seams and loose-ends tangled amongst themselves in DIY fashion. Within that framework, it seems to intentionally mix-up positive and negative feelings through its instrumentation: familiar synth pulls and screeches characteristic of unbridled delight on the dancefloor are coated in a certain kind of messy rumble evocative of the feeling of wanting to throw up. Robert Girardin, aka Jaws, said this of the release: "The song takes tropes of Dutch rave, breakbeats, and hoover patches, squeezing them into a maximal pop-songs format of call and response, attempting to sonically recreate the dopamine rush of online notifications."