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huseyin ertunc trio - musiki (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // huseyin ertunc trio
LABEL // holidays records (it)
CAT // hol099lp


Holiday Records present a reissue of Hseyin Ertun Trio's Msik, originally released in 1974 on Intex Records. This cosmic free jazz improvisation by this legendary trio guided by Hseyin Ertun - on drums - with his then-regular partners Michael Cosmic and Phil Musra - on saxophones and additional percussion - reveals the primitive and physical approach of the trio, with Ertun's massive cymbals drumming building a carpet of trance-driving vibe where the reeds can freely dance without any structure. "A new world of improvisational freedom opened up for me when I first heard drummer Huseyin Ertun's 1974 LP Msik, with reedmen/multi-instrumentalists/brothers Phil Musra and Michael Cosmic. Ertun returned to his native Turkey about twenty years ago (and performs with the Konstrukt collective), but Musra - this tune's composer - now resides in Los Angeles and, as regular readers of this blog know, is still active in music. Although I initially assumed that Msik and Musra's companion LP The Creator Spaces (1974) were recorded at the same session, in truth Msik was recorded months earlier. The Creator Spaces is a bit more spacious than Ertun's date, though both are quite intense documents of self-produced and spiritually-directed improvisation. Knotty and weird, there's a folksy unhinged-ness that really spoke to me in a way quite different from Albert Ayler, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and other music I was spending time with when I dropped the needle on the trio's debut album. Ertun's percussion work really shocked me and it's still absolutely fascinating, and Cosmic's organ playing behind/around Musra's tenor is just something else." -- Clifford Allen. Edition of 400.