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lofhaus - alive with pleasure (cassette)

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ARTIST // lofhaus
LABEL // algebra of need (de)
CAT // alg007cs


"What are you doing later?" A question most people will ask at least once in their lives in a desperate attempt to engage in the most primal of activities. Whether for means of satisfaction, domination or fantasy, the simple act that helped forge our species has become the focal point of most cultural meetings. The fact these days it has becomes more embarrassing then magical is a testament to humanities ability to confuse pleasure with guilt. Lofthaus tackle the mix emotions of intercourse on their first EP 'Alive With Pleasure'. Taking up issues like premature ejaculation on 'Masculine Condition' as well as the modern day problem of meeting people outside of the work place on 'Office Romance'. Using hyperactive structure on odd timed loops, Lofthaus attempt to show the true emotional side of lust. Shipped with an A3 printed collage, this group's first outing is sure to be a truly unique techno experience