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555 - thee omega seed (cassette)

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ARTIST // 555
LABEL // mj mj records (us)
CAT // mjmj037cs


MJ MJ is very proud to bring you the latest offering from Christopher Farstad. Under the guise of 555 he has released a slew of defining cassettes through Moon Glyph, Constellation Tatsu and Rainbow Pyramid. The first in our spring series is an album of sonic awakening and growth, a beautiful combination of Carnatic Flute, guitar and electronics. The album strikes a balance of organic and synthetic, meditation and movement. In C. Farstad's words - "A science-fiction suite inspired in equal parts by a Christmas-Day performance at a Xhurch, Paolo Soleri's eco-theological writings, and the imaginative potential of technology, Thee Omega Seed is a conceptual work proposing a cult of computer programmers who have chosen to dedicate their life crafting religious experiences in Virtual Reality for the express purpose of initiating humans into an age of non-belief. In this recording, 555 lays claim to the trans-human unfolding already in progress as a personal credo of natural expression." Artwork and Design by Nico Stephou. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed grey cassettes with 4 panel J card in a norelco case, wrapped in cardstock sleeve.