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baylis-howard-mccallum - selft titled (cd)


ARTIST // baylis-howard-mccallum
LABEL // privledged to fail (uk)
CAT // fail015cd


New release from Manchester-based collaboration featuring the talents of Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra), Paul Baylis (Carmen) & Jon Howard (J. J. Howard). These artists present over an hour of free-flowing, melodic music free from the constraints of traditional composition.

Recorded live in one session during the summer of 2010 at Strangeway Studios, Manchester.

Limited to 350 copies.

Paul Baylis (Alto Sax/Tenor Sax) first began playing in Manchester. He relocated to London and worked with Carmel, Mervyn Afrika, Phil Wachsmann, Dudu Pukwana, Nick Stephens Septet, John Stevens Trio, and many others. During this time Paul released a tape that got a great review in The Wire, which led to a tour for the Arts Council GB. He has also toured with Simon Mulcasters The Well. Stuart McCallumss original use of effects and loops combined with his extensive harmonic mastery make him one of the most in demand guitarists on the scene today. He has recorded with the Cinematic Orchestra, Ari Hoenig, Tim Garland, Don Weller and has played to critical acclaim with Kenny Wheeler, John Surman and Mike Gibbs. Jon Howard started playing drums on jazz gigs in Manchester at the age of 17.In the late 90s he began to compose electronic music under the name JJ Howard and hosted and performed a series of experimental electronica gigs at The Night and Day Cafe Oldham St, called Solo.Jon. The Trio wish to thank Martin Hurley of Strangeways Studios for the Recordings.

Norman Records review: Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. I've totally got to be in the mood for Jazz. I ain't no natural born hep-cat. I don't have much of a be-bop bone in my body. I've never got smacked up on brown or used my girl as a punch bag either. I'm just not, what's the word, SMOKIN' enough. If I listen to jazz I kind of like it smoky, cerebral & sensual or just plain deranged, free & mental (so that Phil starts crying). These guys create the former - sticks skitter on cymbals & skins, a guitar meanders conversationally and an alto sax replies cooly, colourfully & with heart. There's some very serene, graceful passages on here. This collective involves a member of the Cinematic Orchestra which is very apt because this music would slot into an old Polanski or Woody Allen film beautifully! So to re-cap, i'm not a Jazz-bo and my words are sadly plain-a. I dig this though, it's rather beautiful.