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adam oko - diet of germs (cassette)

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ARTIST // adam oko
LABEL // astro:dynamics (uk)
CAT // adcass014cs


Astro:Dynamics release the debut EP from Adam Oko, their third and final release of 2015 following a collaborative LP by BNJMN and Best Available Technology and the second volume of BAT's 'Excavated Tapes' series. A keen collector of 1980's era Japanese electronic music and post-punk records, Oko has broadcasted mixes on NTS Radio including a Daevid Allen tribute show following his passing earlier this year. Diet of Germs is the London-based/Canterbury bred artist's first release - having previously remixed and collaborated with the likes of BAMS, Kelpe, and Devon Loch for the ever excellent Kit Records - and demonstrates a keen ear for minimalist composition and frippertronic loops as well as the likes of Soft Machine and Haroumi Hosono, with a touch of almost Windham Hill-esque ambient. Raven Bush of Syd Arthur contributes a solo on Suketo, and Portland's Best Available Technology successfully makes it onto all of the label's 2015 releases by rounding off the EP with an excellently smudged and downbeat re-imagining. Mastered by Architeq and artwork by The Royal Academy's Thomas Langley