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d知arc cantu - car type ep (part 1/2) (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // d知arc cantu
LABEL // run out run (uk)
CAT // runor1006ep


Michigan痴 D'Marc Cantu has long been a revered house and techno craftsmen with a misty analogue sound that has spawned killer EPs and LPs on labels like M>O>S, Cr鑪e Organization and One Electronica. As well as also being part of 2AM/FM with JTC, the jackbeat proponent now steps out on Tom Dicicco痴 Run Out Run label for the first of two upcoming EPs. Up first, 禅rack Pattern has hyper speed synths over icy hi hats with turbo-charged machine gun like beats thudding below. It痴 an urgent, heady bit of techno riddled with mystery and muffled voices that will take full control of dancefloors. Then comes 全potlight, a lovably colourful and freewheeling house jam with raining melodies, reflective synths and ramshackle DIY drums that lend it a certain filter house feel. On the flip, 舛ar Type gets down to some seriously ravey techno action, with monstrous drums and tunnelling, knife edge synths conjuring up a dark, uncertain mood that will blow minds when dropped in the right situation. Finally, 選ridescent Life is a sensitive, spiritual bit of deep house with lots of open space, lush chords and languid bassline action that really makes you feel good. Across the course of four cuts here Cantu manages to offer something completely different, with each one being as unique and compelling as the next...