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truss - kymin lea (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // truss
LABEL // perc trax (uk)
CAT // tpt067ep


Perc Trax is proud to announce the first full solo EP from Truss since 2012. 'Kymin Lea' launches a series of EPs this year on Perc Trax where each artist will present their complete sonic and visual vision of their music.

Each EP will see the artist work closely with Perc Trax's resident designer Jonny Costello to create a visual identity for their release that perfectly matches their music. A step away from easy and repetitive label branding, every EP will look different, sound different and give the greatest insight into each producer's artistic outlook so far.

Across these three tracks Truss moves from sweeping melodic experiments to a new deeper take on his trademark acid sound. Title track 'Kymin Lea' has already been previewed on Surgeon's Rinse FM show and has been in demand since, whilst B-side cuts 'Clawdd Du' and 'Wyefield' push the Truss sound outwards into new territory.