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soren roi - flood out (cassette)

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ARTIST // soren roi
LABEL // handmade birds (us)
CAT // hbeats082cs


Moving on from his work as guitarist, vocalist and programmer in the now defunct RSENKPF, Soren expands the underlying electronic elements of his past project into the forefront as an electronic producer. This tape shows him moving out of the learning stages of hardware techno and into a more refined level of production while still sticking to a groundwork of experimentation. Flood Out may appeal to fans of dark, minimal techno, but Soren's manic drum programming, sentimental melodies, and honest vocal samples aim towards striking a desperate emotion rather than a fearful one. Soren lives in Brooklyn, where he curates Nothing Changes, and continues his work as a designer and a producer. This debut is part of the Handmade Beats series.