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dronelock / ontal feat. paul mac & lakker remixes - continuum (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // dronelock
LABEL // shadow story (uk)
CAT // ss002ep


Dronelock and Ontal's joint label venture Shadow Story is a base for the dark, industrial exploration of sound that all four corners of the British/Serbian double duo employ as their modus operandi. Having collaborated previously on the '4 Razors' EP via Duality, the foursome unite again on 'Continuum', the second Shadow Story release. A 4-track vinyl outing that has already garnered DJ support from Surgeon (he played 'Soil' on his latest Rinse FM show, it comes bolstered by remixes from UK techno veteran Paul Mac and recent R&S signing Lakker, plus two digital-only bonus tracks.

Title track 'Continuum' taps into the bleak, abstracted techno aesthetic that has come to define much of Dronelock and Ontal's recent output, with ominous atmospherics and a hollow percussive pulse driving the track. Paul Mac's interpretation offers an equally real threat, rewiring its icy core into a restless, reinforced electro assault.

'Soil' plays to its title, growing from a dormant, darkened state into soaring melodic peaks and vital drum palpitations. Dublin duo Lakker adds a weighty dose of percussive drama to the remix, whilst staying true to the track's melodic integrity.