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photonz - weo / chunk hiss (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // photonz
LABEL // principe discos (pt)
CAT // pr002ep


"Heavy trippin', all-analogue acid house aces from Portugal's Photonz duo. Powered by a snaking square bass line, layers of classic, UK-sounding bleeps, explosive FX and possessed vocal stabs seethe and syncopate in a slab of pure dancefloor turmoil. Lock this in at the right moment and heads will be gone; trust us! Flipside the tempo is pushed up for 'Chunk Hiss'. Lysergic seagulls sh*t from above while pensive synths build tension, precipitating a mighty, Tom-powered House groove losing its mind to tweaking, wavy synthlines. Imagine being on the Atlantic coast at dawn, chewing your face off and dancing a hole in the sand, listening to this. Class." (Boomkat)