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he/at - helping the police with their enquiries ep (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // he/at
LABEL // he/at (uk)
CAT // heat004ep


After far too long a break, He/aT is back with the 4th instalment of his 12" only series

Taking reference from his debut liveshow in Berghain last summer, this EP is a firm return to the dancefloor.

On the A side, "Helping The Police With Their Enquiries" and "I've Had A Lovely Evening (But This Wasn't It)" provide 2 dense bass-heavy techno workouts. On the flip, the eerie and intense "Into The Snake Pit" is a live version of a track He/aT has been playing in his DJ sets for a while. The dubby, experimental ambience of "With Gay Abandon" closes out the EP.

Expect a lot more from He/aT over the next few months with someinteresting projects on the way...