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tsembla - terror & healing (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // tsembla
LABEL // new images (us)
CAT // ni023lp


Terror & Healing is a string of mind adventures, ten miniatures of possibilities, a bunch of invisible cities and imaginary beings. It's a contribution to the exploring and unmapping of reality through imaginative research, making the ears like the fingers of the blind, piecing the multitude back into music. Terror & Healing is Tsembla's fourth release after the 2013 LP Nouskaa henget (New Images), Fauna (Ikuisuus, 2011) and Tuplafiesta 7" (Vauva, 2009). Tsembla, aka Marja Johansson, is a Swedish-Finnish artist operating out of Turku, Finland. She's an active worker in the musical activities of her hometown and a member of the Kemialliset Ystvt ensemble. Arranging sounds from manipulated samples, electronics and objects, Tsembla's music is rich in detail, riding on waves of warped melodies, fluttering rhythms, abstract voices and mutating textures.