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oddgrad - hard-core plastic (cassette)


ARTIST // oddgrad
LABEL // haunter records (it)
CAT // hr008cs


Most of the time, plastic surgery is used to adapt one's body to codified models of beauty. It is an instrument of conformity and social acceptance. Still, it is visible and becomes a signifier of social violence. At the same time, disaster can happen, through maniac obsession or sheer incompetence, and deform the subject's body. That same deformity can also be sought and refined, used to shape a new form of beauty, to turn the body into an aesthetic battlefield. Turin-based producer Francesco Coia AKA Oddrgrad approaches his music with this same attitude, injecting it with kitsch signifiers which then get chomped, distorted, deformed and turned into pieces of raw, aggressive expressiveness. Fake, prosthetic replicas of house and hip-hop rhythmic tropes transform his sound into a monstrous, disruptive form of pop-concréte. His second release and first from Haunter, Hardcore Plastic Surgery comes with two original tracks and three remixes: one by Haunter's own Heith, one by Gang Of Ducks' genius weirdo Haf Haf, and one by mysterious newcomer |||.

Written, produced and mixed by Francesco Coia.
B1 remixed by Daniele Guerrini and Tristan Viecelli
B2 remixed by Haf Haf
B3 remixed by |||
Mastered by Antonio Gallucci, comes in 100 hand-numbered tapes.

1. HPS1
2. HPS2
3. HPS (Heith Remix)
4. HPS (Hah Haf Rework)
5. HPS (||| Rework)