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dan physics - dan physics (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // dan physics
LABEL // l.i.e.s. (us)
CAT // lies022.5ep


Fast, melodic weirdness from this NYC head.... TIP! Dan Physics came up in the ranks of the early 90s Midwest & NYC dance underground, when record shops still existed and the club scene was still diverse and vibrant. Working at Sonic Groove Records alongside Adam-X and Frankie Bones, through the years Dan had gained an encyclopedic knowledge of house, techno, industrial music and many genres in between.

What we have here is a document from his past recording archives which demonstrates his studio expertise and is an impressive take of high bpm, yet melodic techno. At points reminding us of Walt J at other junctures more tripped out, this will not be the last time we hear from Dan.