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distal - retrograde space opera (cd)


ARTIST // distal
LABEL // anarchostar (us)
CAT // antchstr001cd


Distal came to the musical world in 2010 with his first release on Soul Jazz Records. Since then he's releaed on many reputable labels such as Well Rounded, Sounds Of The Cosmos, Om, Tube10, Fabric, Embassy and Tectonic where his Freshman album came out in 2012. Having stuided the auditory phenomenom known as 'Synesthesia' in his University years, Distal has used his love for the pairing of senses in his musical productions. Each one of his works evokes a very distinct visual (albeit subjective) sensation in its listener's.

Retrograde Space Opera is a psychedelic science fiction story and the sophomore album of the American electronic composer and futurist known as Distal. Fully supported by RBMA, including a label launch show in Atlanta. Tours in the works for late 2014 & 2015 in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Dj support from big names like Pinch, Addison Groove, 2562, Wheez-ie & Mumdance. Future articles and promotion include RA, Pitchfork, Fact, Big Up, Wasabeat Japan, Vice(Thump), Okay Future etc. In house full-time PR.

The immersive nature of the vector artwork for Retrograde Space Opera was conceived through a year-long collaborative effort between Distal and famed Argentinian artist Freschore. Each week they met and engineered every alcove of the universe together, from detailing the minutiae of the transportation system to the fashion differences between social strata.