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last ex - last ex (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // last ex
LABEL // constellation (us)
CAT // cst107lp


Last Ex is a new instrumental rock ensemble led by Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield, long active in Quebec's experimental/punk scene, though perhaps best known as core members of Timber Timbre, which spawned the Last Ex project. When Timber Timbre's ambient music for a horror film went unused back in 2012, Trottier and Fairfield began revisiting the sound palette for the soundtrack, expanding on their techniques and textures, adding drums, bass and various other instruments, writing additional songs throughout 2013 and bringing their obsessions with sound collage, tape-based music concrete and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to bear on the cinematic lyricism of the initial widescreen guitar and string-based material. With its combination of assured lyricism, cinematic guitars, dusky analog atmospherics and taut percussion, this is an instrumental rock album of superb compositional and melodic sensibility, balancing expressiveness and restraint, atmosphere and detail, bound by a highly original approach to production. Last Ex sits snugly between fellow label acts Do Make Say Think and Exhaust on the one hand, Hrsta, Tindersticks and Evangelista on the other. Fans of early Trans Am, early/mid Tortoise, Calexico and (obviously) Timbre Timber should also find this a very satisfying grower of an album.