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k2 / blackfire - split (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // k2 / blackfire
LABEL // mistake by the lake (us)
CAT // msl035lp


We are beyond excited to finally drop this monster of a record! K2 is one of the founding fathers of Japanese harsh noise, a true legend in the genre. On this recording, he ditches his trademark sheet metal for fast cut up harsh noise via synths. Extreme panning to further disorient the listener, the 2 tracks are incredibly unforvging to even veteran listeners of the genre. Blackfire brings the uneasiness toner levels, even for us. Tape loops, percussion and scummy electronics come together for a minimal yet anxious and foreboding track. The darkness lets the imagination run wild. You're not safe.

Cover layout and design - wyatt howland and David Russell
Insert - Andrew Kirschner

Comes with an insert and a collage by wyatt howland.