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kloke - sea levels (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // kloke
LABEL // styles upon styles (us)
CAT // sus004lp


Sea Levels is the brand new EP from Andy Donnelly aka Kloke. A recent graduate of Red Bull Music Academy New York and British ex-pat marooned in Melbourne for the past decade, Donnelly distills the urban groove and bucolic mood of his heritage through the vibrancy of his new environs into a wholly unique soundscape. Following a narrative of apocalyptic tides and the oceanic sublime,Sea Levels sinks into the ambient, house, and techno realms with flashes of two-step, hip hop and dub. It's an idiosyncratic take on British electronic music viewed through the lens of relocation,aided by an arsenal of analog synthesizers, drum machines, and psychotropic effects. Kloke's music exists within a new "Bubble Metropolis" that inspires shimmering grandeur and water-logged dread rather than urban nihilism. Delicate in its peaceful moments yet conditioned to the inevitable tide,Sea Levels invokes harmony and disarray in equal measures. "Mayfield" and "Room With A View" cast quiet hope against the surge that follows "Ritual" and "Flood", both of which storm in fervent opposition to the coral groove of opener "Deep City". All harbors of tranquility burst under the shape shifting whump of "Unlearning", a fitting finale for Kloke's first release in two years that dishevels UK-centric tropes into a bristling menace of collisional origins. Sea Levels is available on limited vinyl and unlimited digital on April 16, 2014. The frayed jacket illustration comes courtesy of Calvin Ho, the penman behind Archie Pelago's Hall of Human Origins cover. SUS004 was mastered & cut to precision by Matt Colton.