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brandi ifgray - stargazer (cd)

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ARTIST // brandi ifgray
LABEL // sahko (fi)
CAT // puu016cd


Stargazer is Brandi Ifgrays second solo album. It was recorded in NYC summer 1998 and was produced by Jimi Tenor. Maurice Fulton was playing on several songs. Prior to the album release he remixed 3 of the album songs on Puu-14.

1. Free ft. Tadayuki Hirano, Hisao Oka
2. Brains ft. Tuomo Puranen
3. Scam ft. Tuomo Puranen, Tadayuki Hirano, John Tirado
4. Freeloading ft. Jimi Tenor, Tuomo Puranen, Maurice Fulton
5. Seas of Mars ft. Tuomo Puranen, Tadayuki Hirano, Marco Kosonen, Jimi Tenor, Lada, Lizzie, Mervi, Sharon
6. Mono ft. Tuomo Puranen (Original Album Version)
7. Ears ft. Tuomo Puranen
8. Bones ft. Ilkka Mattila, Tuomo Puranen, Marco Kosonen, Jimi Tenor (Original Album Version)
9. No Chance ft. Tuomo Puranen
10. Sirens ft. Tuomo Puranen, Marco Kosonen, Lary Seven