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form a log - the two benji's (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // form a log
LABEL // decoherence (us)
CAT // drv001lp


Tape trio with Ren Schofield (Container), Noah Anthony (Profligate) & Rick Weaver (Dinner Music). Form A Log is composed of 3 members, all of whom make original music on their own and have a history in the underground noise/weirdness scene. Ren Schofield is also Container. Noah Anthony is also Profligate. Rick Weaver is also Dinner Music.

Form A Log only plays cassettes loaded with samples on 4-track players. The music they make is like proto-hip-hop as filtered through the techniques of musique concrete. Or techno as it would be made by time travelers stuck in an era before samplers. Or dance club music in a world where Revolution No.9 was a hit single.

There have been a number of Form A Log cassette releases, each more developed and advanced than the last. "The Two Benji's" is the latest evolution and the first to be pressed on vinyl. "The Two Benji's" is a concept album, but Form A Log may not tell you what the concept is. There are clues and hints within. Throw some Benjis. Welcome to Log Culture.