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man is a rope (feat karl o'connor) - expensive cuts (cd + dvd + book)


ARTIST // karl o'connor
LABEL // variance new york (us)
CAT // vny001bk


"Man Is A Rope is not a band but rather a process developed by New York songwriter / producer / artist, Evan T. Q. Kreeger. Using live instrumental and vocal performances with analog effects to make electronic hybrid music rather than employing virtuals, loops or samples, Man Is A Rope creates its own unique dark dynamics and complex churns which invoke elements from No Wave, early MUTE/4AD, Rowland S. Howard, The Cabs, Detroit / Birmingham techno, A Certain Ratio, The Swans, Coil, 70's Crimson, and film music. These works are composed in parallel with video treatments and storyboard development. From conception, audio is forever bonded to its symbiotic images.

mantra: ear serve eye serve ear

Kreeger began his craft by engineering in New York Studios (Axis / Quad) in the early 1990s. By the middle of the decade, he started releasing music on Damon Wild's illustrious Synewave and geometric imprints as Gain / Border Patrol while owning the mid-town Manhattan studio "Inanimate Objects" with David Sumner / Function (Sandwell District/Ostgut Ton). For more than a decade, Kreeger has been enjoying a career as a session and touring musician playing rhodes, keyboards and bass in addition to composing for U.S. network and cable television programming.

In 2011, Kreeger collaborated with Karl O'Connor / Regis (Downwards / Sandwell District / Jealous God / Blackest Ever Black). Their methods and simpatico inspired Kreeger to forge Man Is A Rope and its process. Thus spawned forth the seminal track "Boy's Weekend."

So it goes - this is the first release from Variance New York (VNY-1) and the maiden film offering as well.

Much more than just a music delivery system, Expensive Cuts is an object to hold and to feel.

Get on board for true!"