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benoit pioulard - hymnal remixes (2cd)


ARTIST // benoit pioulard
LABEL // lost tribe sound (us)
CAT // lts017cd


This double disc album comes housed in a Japanese style digi-wallet made of extra heavy uncoated stock with matte disc artwork. Limited to 450 copies.

Seattle-based Benot Pioulard has become a stalwart of Chicago's kranky imprint over the course of four full-lengths, the most recent of which is Hymnal. Lost Tribe Sound is pleased to release Hymnal Remixes, a compendium of interpretations, constructions, reductions and destructions.

Hymnal arose from a year spent in the UK and on mainland Europe, during which time religious architecture became an unexpected muse; the album's songs convey a reverent tone through layers of analogue warmth, balancing ambient pieces with subdued pop tunes.

On Remixes, roll call yields the likes of Loscil (kranky), The Remote Viewer (City Center Offices/Moteer), Field Rotation (Facture/ Denovali), and Pioulard himself, as well as Lost Tribe regulars William Ryan Fritch, Graveyard Tapes, Part Timer, and Cock & Swan. The collection is loosely split in half by stylistic direction, the more rhythm-oriented first disc balanced by the ambient leanings of the second. Each entry is a unique study of its original version, and together they create a multi-faceted & radiant whole.

Track List:
Disc 1
1. Mercy (Fieldhead Remix)
2. Margin (William Ryan Fritch Remix)
3. Excave (Squanto Remix)
4. Litiya (The Green Kingdom Remix)
5. Homily (Cock and Swan Remix)
6. Florid (Brambles Remix)
7. Censer (Field Rotation Remix)
8. Reliquary (Part Timer Remix)
9. Margin (Zachary Gray Remix)
10. Foxtail (Graveyard Tapes Remix)

Disc 2
1. Hawkeye (The Remote Viewer Remix)
2. Censer (Segue Remix)
3. Knell (Widesky Remix)
4. Florid (Loscil Remix)
5. Foxtail (Radere Remix)
6. Gospel (James Murray Remix)
7. Reliquary (Benot Honor Pioulard Remix)
8. Margin (Ruhe Remix)
9. Gospel (Window Magic Remix)