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noise nomads - tone deaf vol 2 (7inch + cassette + book box)


ARTIST // noise nomads
LABEL // hot releases (us)
CAT // hot035sv


7"/cassette/book box-set. Limited edition of 100. This box set compiles several aspects of Jeff Hartford's NOISE NOMADS, all conceived in 2012 - harsh short form noise via the 7", extended live noise sets via a 30 minute-long cassette, and a book showcasing Hartford's distinct visual style, all connected by a single-minded dedication to harsh, visceral sounds that you can feel embodied even by the drawings. The 7" is harsh electronic noise via Greenwood Electronics with a Tascam 424, same set-up as the N.N. "Ernest Thrasher" lp on Feeding Tube. The cassette collects live shows from 2012, live frying and harsh zone-outs. The booklet contains drawings made while hiking and contemplating sonic expression and exploration, along with contributions by Joshua Burkett.