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cyls - ep (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // cyls
LABEL // dead vox (sw)
CAT // dvx003lp


CYLS is a germano-swiss project which consists of Niels Hesse and Cyril Monnard. The pair met in August 2012 at the festival "Les Digitales" where they played in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Zurich with their respective projects "Elektrohandel" and "Larkian". Thereafter, Niels and Cyril remained in contact through social medias and regular e-mail exchange. CYLS was then founded in early 2013 as the winter dragged on and as the desire to make music together was becoming stronger. Due to the distance between their respective homes, the project began with the exchange of raw audio files that have quickly evolved into final pieces. EP is a deep and intense travel provided to the listeners, the perfect blend of ambient-drone and electronica. The five tracks of the record have both the mesmerizing side of the guitar based ambient-drone and the dynamic side offered by electronic music. "Drone step" for your listening pleasure.