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sam shalabi - mindlessness (2x cassette)


ARTIST // sam shalabi
LABEL // los discos enfantasmes (ca)
CAT // lde046dcs


Cassette 1: C-62 premium BASF - Emtec Chrome tape, Black TI :: Cassette 2: C-74 premium BASF - Emtec Chrome tape, Black TI, pro-dubbed in real time. Professionally printed j-card with front die-cut. Edition of 120. Includes a download code.

This double cassette consists of 3 pieces Over the counter, A Duck Inside You and Brandy's Full Moon: Over the counter is a piece intended as a 'teenage egyptian horror play', dealing with the egyptian revolution, sex politics in the 'Arab Spring' and the cultural malaise of North American Culture.. it's more of a co-composition, collaboration with Dorthy, Gavin and Janice improvising in some sections off of structural concepts and instructions and in Dorthy's case, contributing prepared texts... it also uses texts from the Italian Feminist Author Silvia Frederici... the beginning is intended as a homage to Lumpy Gravy by Frank Zappa... A Duck Inside You: The impetus for this piece was to ask questions about legitimate and illegitimate uses of violence,in particular, how that question related to the Palestinian / Isreali ended up taking the form of a Sci- Fi play, using 'West Side Story' as a template.. Brandy s Full Moon (a song of love and desire) Interpretation by Sam Shalabi .