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f ingers - awkwardly blissing out (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

f ingers - awkwardly blissing out (12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
Recorded in Melbourne and Berlin between 2015-17 by Samuel Karmel, Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek, Awkwardly Blissing Out's title is instructive... the spiky eldritch song-spells of F ingers' previous album Hide Before Dinner (BLACKEST 044LP, 2015) have become more dubwise, immersive, and potently psychedelic; Euphoric even, but paranoid and laden with self-doubt. Projecting onto strangers, watching not participating, turning ever inwards. The ... more info

from the mouth of the sun - hymn binding (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

from the mouth of the sun - hymn binding (12inch vinyl lp)

lost tribe sound (us)
Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist and their musical collaboration as From The Mouth Of The Sun seems to elicit immediate excitement from an ever-growing number of modern classical, post-rock and experimental music fans from around the world. The duo appears to be on a mission to bring their dynamic breed of electro-acoustic classical to the masses this year. From composer David Wingo selecting three From the Mouth of the Sun songs to appear in the ... more info

hammock - mysterium (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

hammock - mysterium (2x12inch vinyl lp)

hammock music (us)
The Nashville duo Hammock -- celebrated by Pitchfork, NPR, the BBC, The Atlantic, and Ricky Gervais -- returns on August 25 with Mysterium, the band's eighth album since its founding in 2003. Composed as a memorial to Clark Kern, a son-like figure to Hammock co-founder Marc Byrd who died in 2016 from the tumor strain NF2, Mysterium merges modern classical, ambient, and choral music, and it's of a piece with recent records by Max Richter and Jóhann ... more info

laraaji - bring on the sun + sun gong (2cd) Buy Now 

laraaji - bring on the sun + sun gong (2cd)

all saints (uk)
Laraaji's Bring On The Sun is a collection of brand new studio recordings, recorded by Davey Jewell (Peaking Lights/Flaming Lips) and mixed by Carlos Niño (Leaving Records). A magical mixtape of tracks that run the full gamut of ‘Laraaji music’, from blissed-out percussive jams to reflective vocal hymnals to trance-inducing drones. Available as a 10-track double CD with Bring On The Sun on the first disc, and a bonus disc of Sun Gong, the previously ... more info

mogwai - every country's sun (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

mogwai - every country's sun (2x12inch vinyl lp)

temporary residence (us)
Every Country's Sun takes two decades of Mogwai's signature, contrasting sounds – towering intensity, pastoral introspection, synth-rock minimalism, DNA-detonating volume – and distills it, beautifully, into 56 concise minutes of gracious elegance, hymnal trance-rock, and transcendental euphoria. Produced by psych-rock luminary Dave Fridmann, it's a structural soundscape built from stark foundations up; from a gentle, twinkling, synth-rock spectre to ... more info

va - trax test (excerpts from the modular network 1981-1987) (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

va - trax test (excerpts from the modular network 1981-1987) (2x12inch vinyl lp)

ecstatic (uk)
Trax Test is the first ever survey of Italy's pioneering, visionary, and influential label and mail art collective Trax, which ran from 1981-1987 as a network for the creation of collaborative projects. The collective included a pre-NWW Colin Potter and some of the earliest work from Masami Akita, aka Merzbow, but also had deep connections with the art world; a few Trax members went on to become famous designers and artists -- Ettore Sottsass of ... more info

arovane & hior chronik - into my own (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arovane & hior chronik - into my own (2x12inch vinyl lp)

a strangely isolated place (us)
*Edition of 150. Double transparent LP, housed in a matte gatefold sleeve. Includes download coupon.* 'Into my own' finds Arovane and Hior Chronik experimenting with distinctive feelings, styles and moments throughout the twelve tracks, creating an album full of twists and turns. Featuring a similar ethereal ambience to 'In-between', delicate instruments, field recordings and more melodic electronic influences are now apparent, forming a tangible ... more info

arne nordheim - electric (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arne nordheim - electric (2x12inch vinyl lp)

rune grammofon (no)
Originally released on CD in 1998. Among the most stunning and musical electronic works ever produced, these five compositions represent the complete electronic works of Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim (1931-2010). They have stood the test of time remarkably well and have been embraced by new generations of influential musicians. This audiophile double LP comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with updated credits and liner notes. The sound has been ... more info

dj manny - greenlight (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dj manny - greenlight (12inch vinyl lp)

teklife (us)
Greenlight by DJ Manny is the fifth release from Teklife. This ten-track LP is a masterclass in footwork production by one of Teklife's leading figures. Born and raised in Harvey on the south-side of Chicago, DJ Manny has been footworking since the age of ten. The footwork sound has developed in unison with the dance style that accompanies it, and Manny embodies this synergy. DJ Manny is without doubt one of the best dancers on the scene, harnessing ... more info

prurient - unknown rains (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

prurient - unknown rains (12inch vinyl lp)

hospital productions (us)
A vinyl issue of Prurient's Unknown Rains, originally released as a limited edition cassette in 2016. Utterly destructive and heart-wrenching power noise and catharsis from the don gorgon of Hospital Productions, making his first album confession since the release of the stunning Frozen Niagara Falls (2015). Taking almost 40 minutes to spell-out a litany of ills that mark up as classic, pain-saturated Prurient in contrast with the more layered, ... more info

akira kosemura - in the dark woods (cd + dvd) Buy Now 

akira kosemura - in the dark woods (cd + dvd)

1631 recordings (ch)
Akira Kosemura's In The Dark Woods combines the electronic and acoustic sounds of piano, Wurlitzer, and synthesizer with a string quartet, similar to the music heard on his previous improvisational solo piano work One Day from 2016. As indicated in the title, the entire album is filled with an obscure darkness and a world of misty sounds ever to be feared of, like a comfortable quietness in the dark where a child in the womb is hearing a mother's ... more info

marcus fischer - loss (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

marcus fischer - loss (12inch vinyl lp)

12k (us)
Loss is the long-awaited and anticipated follow-up to Marcus Fischer’s acclaimed Monocoastal (12k1063, 2010). Fischer created Loss over several years, finding inspiration to complete it during his time at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida, in early 2017. The album is a particularly emotional work as Fischer explored what loss means to him and how to cope with the permanence of absence. The result is decisively somber and perhaps ... more info

arturo stalteri - ...e il pavone parlò alla luna (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arturo stalteri - ...e il pavone parlò alla luna (12inch vinyl lp)

soave (it)
Recorded in 1980 but only issued privately in 1987, Arturo Stàlteri's ...e il pavone parlò alla Luna falls among the last artifacts of Italy's great wave of musical minimalism. Like the movement to which it belongs, rigorously resistant to categorizations and definition, this overlooked marvel sculpts a startling singularity. A radical and democratic vision in sound, blending elements of new age, the avant-garde, and prog with Western and Indian ... more info

charlemagne palestine - the lower depths (3cd) Buy Now 

charlemagne palestine - the lower depths (3cd)

alga marghen (it)
Alga Marghen introduce a historical event, the publication of The Lower Depths, a three-CD set of previously unreleased unique piano sonorities by Charlemagne Palestine. In 1977, Charlemagne Palestine was regularly performing in his red and gold loft on North Moore Street in Tribeca, down the street from Magoos bar where all the local artists hung out back then. He was working on a trilogy called The Lower Depths, a work conceived during the crucial ... more info

giovanni venosta - olympic signals (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

giovanni venosta - olympic signals (12inch vinyl lp)

soave (it)
Giovanni Venosta's 1984 debut album, released when the artist was only 23, is a committed, subversive parody of minimalism, and a truly original work. This is its first reissue. Recorded in Venosta's living room with a four-track Tascam, this album reveals the young pianist's profound need for expression, born out of his relationship with the sound of Terry Riley, Michael Nyman, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Penguin Café Orchestra, and Dollar Brand. The ... more info

kassel jaeger - aster (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kassel jaeger - aster (2x12inch vinyl lp)

editions mego (at)
The frontier for French electroacoustic mystical music has traversed much ground since Pierre Schaeffer shuffled on the past and laid out a map without borders or designated ground. Seventy years in this land of the fried, there are a plethora of Ideas and ongoing potential coming from all corners of the globe. Inheriting the wisdom of past masters whilst forging a signature style of his own, Kassel Jaeger sits as one of the premier explorers of ... more info

luc ferrari - complete music for films 1960-1984 (3cd) Buy Now 

luc ferrari - complete music for films 1960-1984 (3cd)

sub rosa (be)
Complete Music For Films 1960-1984 is a three-CD set that gathers Luc Ferrari's complete works for films from 1960-1984, including electronic pieces, concrete music made in GRM, and some hybrids including traditional instruments. Very rare pieces, most of which are unpublished (including collaborations with Jean Cocteau and Jean Tinguely), are presented here for the first time, offering a complete scope of the innovative 20th century composer's foray ... more info

midori takada & masahiko satoh - lunar cruise (12inch vinyl lp + cd) Buy Now 

midori takada & masahiko satoh - lunar cruise (12inch vinyl lp + cd)

we release whatever the fuck we want records (ch)
LP version. Marks the title's first ever vinyl release; Cut at Emil Berliner Studios; Housed in a 350 gsm sleeve; Includes CD with all ten tracks. We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records present a reissue of Midori Takada and Masahiko Satoh's Lunar Cruise, originally released in 1990. Following the successful reissue of Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass (WRWTFWW 018LP/WRWTFWW 019CD/LP), WRWTFWW Records present another release from the ... more info

ryuichi sakamoto - async (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ryuichi sakamoto - async (2x12inch vinyl lp)

milan (us)
As one-third of Yellow Magic Orchestra and an Academy Award-winning composer for his work on the soundtrack for The Last Emperor, synth pop innovator Ryuichi Sakamoto is among the most groundbreaking artists to have emerged since the late 70s. A musician’s musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto has created intriguing musical unions with artists such as David Sylvian, Iggy Pop, Tony Williams, Bootsy Collins, Jacques Morelenbaum and many others. async is Ryuichi ... more info

ghedalia tazartes + maya dunietz - schulevy make (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ghedalia tazartes + maya dunietz - schulevy make (12inch vinyl lp)

holotype editions (gr)
Holotype Editions was founded as a means of bringing out music by some of the most unique and peculiar artists of the last decades. What could be more fitting for the imprint’s seventh release, than the duo of cult artist Ghédalia Tazartès and multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Maya Dunietz. Recorded live at Cafe Oto, in December 2013, Schulevy Maker documents the duo’s first live appearance. An amalgam of bizarre samples, concrete sounds, ... more info

suso saiz - rainworks (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

suso saiz - rainworks (2x12inch vinyl lp)

music from memory (nl)
Following 2016's compilation of archival recordings by Suso Saiz titled Odisea (MFM 009CD/LP), Music From Memory mark their 20th release with an album of new works by the Spanish electronic music pioneer. Recorded in Madrid between January and February 2016, this is Suso Saiz's first release of new music in nearly ten years. Titled Rainworks, this double LP release was originally part of a commission from a Canary Islands water company. The first ... more info

hollis taylor - absolute bird (2cd + book) Buy Now 

hollis taylor - absolute bird (2cd + book)

rer megacorp (us)
"This is an extraordinary and important work, breathtaking in its apparent simplicity but raised on a lifetime of study, thought and contrariness. All 41 tracks are, in one way or another, built around transcriptions or recordings of the Australian pied butcherbird -- mining every possible variation. Each composition pairs a bird, or other environmental sounds, with one or several instruments: standard, soprano, bass and contrabass recorders, violin, ... more info

gabriel saloman - movement building vol. 3 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

gabriel saloman - movement building vol. 3 (12inch vinyl lp)

shelter press (fr)
Shelter Press has present the third and final volume of Gabriel Saloman's Movement Building series. For fans of Saloman's post-Yellow Swans work -- an already dense catalog of darkly cinematic compositions mostly conceived as accompaniment to some of Vancouver's edgier contemporary dance companies -- Movement Building Vol. III is not only a much anticipated conclusion to this trilogy, it is the most fully realized album in years. Whereas Movement ... more info

jac berrocal - la nuit est au courant (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jac berrocal - la nuit est au courant (12inch vinyl lp)

souffle continu records (fr)
Souffle Continu Records present the first vinyl edition of Jac Berrocal's La Nuit Est Au Courant, originally released on In Situ in 1991. Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" on the radio, Renaissance motets, his grandfather in a Zouave military band, Syrian deserts... Columns of tanks in the streets, the soundtrack to Robert Bresson's A Man Escaped (1956), Juan Manuel Fangio's car, the fall of the Berlin wall: from the first and fantastic Musiq Musik ... more info

basil kirchin - basil kirchin is my friend - a trunk records sampler (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

basil kirchin - basil kirchin is my friend - a trunk records sampler (12inch vinyl lp)

trunk (uk)
An awe-inspiring sampler of the late, great musical polymath's music. From pop punk pop to field recordings, jazz, horror film music, ambient sounds, experimental ideas and all points in between. Many tracks have not been released before. Basil Kirchin was a unique talent. A man brought up as a drummer in the post-war big band era, he soon shunned the sounds of London ballrooms for world travel, marijuana, and spiritual enlightenment. On his return ... more info

raskovich - science & technology (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

raskovich - science & technology (12inch vinyl lp)

dead-cert (uk)
Impossible-to-find Italian library music oddity from semi-mythical producer and Fabio Frizzi collaborator Giuliano Sorgini, aka Raskovich. Best regarded for his groundbreaking electro-acoustic and concrète sound design input to The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (1974) and Zoo Folle (1974), Raskovich is also linked to a wealth of impossible-to-find cult LPs with Alessandro Alessandroni's Braen (SME 038LP), Giulia Alessandrini's Kema, and their ... more info

oneohtrix point never - good time ost (2x12inch vinyl lp) ... more info
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oneohtrix point never - good time ost (2x12inch vinyl lp)

warp records (uk)
Oneohtrix Point Never returns with his new album Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out August 11 on Warp Records. Rapturously received by Cannes’ film critics, Good Time is directed by Josh and Benny Safdie and stars Robert Pattinson (in a widely regarded career best performance) and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The hypnotic crime thriller follows Pattinson’s Connie in a twisted odyssey through the New York underworld in a desperate attempt to ... more info

ben frost - threshold of faith ep1 (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

ben frost - threshold of faith ep1 (12inch vinyl)

mute (uk)
The music of Ben Frost is about contrast; influenced as much by Classical Minimalism as by Punk Rock and Metal, Frost’s throbbing guitar-based textures emerge from nothing and slowly coalesce into huge, forbidding forms that often eschew conventional structures in favor of the inevitable unfoldings of vast mechanical systems. The Australia-born, Iceland-based composer has written scores for dance companies, soundtracked films, and collaborated with ... more info

nurse with wound - dark fat (3x12inch vinyl lp box) Buy Now 

nurse with wound - dark fat (3x12inch vinyl lp box)

dirter promotions (uk)
Triple LP box set of Nurse With Wound's 2016 release Dark Fat. Dark Fat is a celebration and documentation of ten years of NWW shows, but to call Dark Fat a live album is far too simplistic. It is an entirely new recording constructed by combining the most interesting moments of the past decade into unique tracks. M.S. Waldron is to thank as he is archival commandant of the NWW oeuvre, and since 2006 he has recorded every single thing. He has ... more info