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container - lp (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

container - lp (12inch vinyl lp)

spectrum spools (us)
Ren Schofield's Container took the world of underground electronic music by storm with the debut LP in 2011 (SP 007LP). Following massive amounts of touring and the powerful follow-up LP, LP, in 2012 (SP 025LP), the project became a must-experience staple everywhere from U.S. basements to Berghain. After two fantastic EP recordings on Morphine (Treatment, DOSER 016EP, 2013) and Liberation Technologies, Container returns with the first full-length ... more info

charles cohen - brother i prove you wrong (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

charles cohen - brother i prove you wrong (2x12inch vinyl lp)

morphine records (it)
Composer, improviser, and Buchla Music Easel master Charles Cohen returns to Morphine with a suite of material recorded in 2014. In keeping with the timbre spectrum of his semi-modular system, Brother I Prove You Wrong is built around pointillist analog tones -- Cohen's cosmic "beeps and boops" -- that swarm and scatter in mesmeric patterns across four sides. Moving through surrealistic textural overlays and industrial miasma, the album's nine tracks ... more info

lakker - tundra (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lakker - tundra (12inch vinyl lp)

apollo records (uk)
Following ‘Containing A Thousand’ and the ‘Mountain Divide’ EP, their pair of sublime releases for the label, Lakker now deliver their debut album ‘Tundra’, perfectly in line with R&S’s techno heritage whilst also taking in influence and inspiration from the varied likes of No U-Turn Records, the choral music of Arvo Part, Merzbow, early Human League, and raw ethnic music.

eek - kahraba (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

eek - kahraba (12inch vinyl lp)

nashazphone (eg)
Kahraba is the debut studio album of Islam Chipsy's EEK. Recorded in late 2014 in downtown Cairo, it contains four tracks perfectly representing Chipsy's wild and inimitable artistic spectrum, ranging from the frenzied sound signature technique that brought him his fame ("Trinity" and "Kahraba") to the band's individual maneuverings of typical Egyptian standards such as the Northeastern Nile delta "Simsimiyya" in "El-Bawaba" or Upper Egypt's ... more info

rrose - for aquantice (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

rrose - for aquantice (12inch vinyl)

eaux (uk)
*Limited White Vinyl Edition.* Superb new 3-tracker from Rrose, the first new release of 2015. Rrose returns to Eaux with three new spellbinding techno tracks. "Levitate" starts patiently with cosmic difference tones and sub bass bursts leading to the sudden drop of hammering, polyrhythmic drums, while "Vellum" is a syncopated, percussion-heavy ride through frequency modulated peaks and belly-churning valleys. On side B, "Signs" takes us on an ... more info

rrose x bob ostertag - motormouth variations (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

rrose x bob ostertag - motormouth variations (12inch vinyl)

eaux (uk)
The fourth and final re-release of the early RRose titles originally on Sandwell District. Original promotional text : Yes, the rumours were true - a full LP here of the latest tęte-ŕ-tęte between secret artist RRose and experimental maestro Bob Ostertag.

demian castellanos - the kyvu tapes vol.i (1990-1998) (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

demian castellanos - the kyvu tapes vol.i (1990-1998) (12inch vinyl lp)

hands in the dark (fr)
You probably know Demian Castellanos as the man behind the London psyche rock outfit The Oscillation. Today Hands in the Dark and their UK best partner in crime Cardinal Fuzz are teaming-up to release The Kyvu Tapes Vol.I (1990-1998). Castellanos grew up in Kynance Cove, a small town in the South West region of England called Cornwall. The place looks a bit like a dog and Kyvu means "the view of the dog" in the local dialect. The fruit of his 90's ... more info

cankun - only the sun is full of gold (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

cankun - only the sun is full of gold (12inch vinyl lp)

hands in the dark (fr)
Cankun is back on Hands In The Dark (LP) and Not Not Fun (cassette) with Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold, his 3rd full length album follow-up to the brilliant and unanimously acclaimed 2013's Culture of Pink. This time, Frenchman Vincent Caylet is inviting us to a two part journey: Side A sets Cankun's new tempo, taking the listener to darker spheres compared to his previous works, moving from a tropical beach to the middle of a dense, uncanny and ... more info

prurient - frozen niagara falls (2cd) Buy Now 

prurient - frozen niagara falls (2cd)

profound lore (ca)
"America's most prominent noise figure, Dominick Fernow has for the better part of two decades helped shape and reinvent the genre with a stream of works under the Prurient moniker. A project unlike any other in the realms of experimental, ambient, and noise, Prurient continually mutates from one incarnation to the next. Fernow often treads a fine line between harsh noise extremity and atmospheric beauty -- his massive, layered walls of sound may be ... more info

wolfgang voigt - rückverzauberung 10/nationalpark (cd) Buy Now 

wolfgang voigt - rückverzauberung 10/nationalpark (cd)

profan (de)
In celebration of the opening of German national park Hunsrück-Hochwald, Wolfgang Voigt has conceived an abstract, ambient-infused sound installation which can be experienced as a kind of "acoustic hike through the forest," thanks to a series of loudspeakers allocated in a natural environment. This approximately hour-long piece of music is a freeform improvisation on a classic sonic scenario made of strings and winds, processed with electronic means. ... more info

eomac feat. ontal remix - frozen souls ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

eomac feat. ontal remix - frozen souls ep (12inch vinyl)

inner surface music (uk)
Inner Surface Music are very proud to present our new release from Eomac. 'Frozen Souls' opens proceedings with the textural pads and kick drum creating their own static before being lifted into pastoral melodies and soundscapes. Colourful keys and bleeps intertwine in space, to the world of the frozen souls, subtle, powerful and beautiful. 'Heretic' heads straight for the dancefloor with distorted drums and rugged wild baseline that mutates and ... more info

vision heat - the chosen themes - program i (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

vision heat - the chosen themes - program i (12inch vinyl lp)

root strata (us)
Recorded between 2012 and 2014, Jared Blum's (GiganteSound, The Talking Book (with Bill Gould of Faith No More), Blanketship, Vulcanus 68, et al.) Vision Heat project is a laser-guided, hyper-vintage conflation of early-to-mid-'80s-centric production, montage, and style. Recalling such luminaries as Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Harold Faltermeyer, Craig Safan, and such lofty houses as KPM, Bruton, and Parry with nods to oddballs from Russia and ... more info

faetch - faetch 1 (2x12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

faetch - faetch 1 (2x12inch vinyl)

earwiggle (ie)
Following the massive double pack compilation ‘Eight Wigglin' Ways To Die’, Earwiggle return with the debut of a fresh artist, Faetch. Although a new name on the scene, Faetch's advanced take on harder edged techno is far from the work of a rookie it would seem. Four tearing club tracks here that contain all the ingredients needed to move the party into another dimension: firing rhythms, strange sampling, manic synth programming, unique sound ... more info

yannick dauby - the growth of artefacts (cassette) Buy Now 

yannick dauby - the growth of artefacts (cassette)

discrepant (uk)
*Pro dubbed CS30. One time edition of 77.*Presenting a brand new composition from Taiwan based sound artist, Yannick Dauby.The Growth of Artefacts is a rich atmospheric soundscape based on british anthropologist Tim Engold's 'On Weaving a Basket'. "The world of our experience is, indeed, continually and endlessly coming into being around us as we weave. If it has a surface, it is like the surface of the basket: it has no ‘inside’ or ‘outside’. Mind ... more info

german army - of babongo (cassette) Buy Now 

german army - of babongo (cassette)

discrepant (uk)
*Pro dubbed CS40. One time edition of 77.* Los Angeles based duo German Army comes to discrepant with a 40min album sounding like a cross between Martin Denny and Throbbing Gristle on a holiday road trip through the mojave desert. ''Since 2011 German Army has been releasing persistent, thoughtful, and coolly haunted music anonymously, in both solo and collaborative forms, with members using handles like Chin Genie, Meatball Maker, and Peter Kris. ... more info

valet - nature (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

valet - nature (12inch vinyl lp)

kranky (us)
"For the last seven years fans of Honey Owens' Valet have been patiently wondering if they would ever hear another record of her trademark ephemeral, fractured blues. Owens herself had been unsure she'd revive the Valet name after six busy years exploring psychedelic house music in the Miracles Club with her partner Rafael Fauria. But the arrival of Owens and Fauria's first child would soon inaugurate a time of change and reflection that would lead ... more info

dawn of midi - dysnomia (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dawn of midi - dysnomia (2x12inch vinyl lp)

erased tapes (uk)
Double LP version. Includes download code. Channeled madness -- the sound Dawn of Midi spent years shaping culminates in their most mesmerizing work yet. With Dysnomia, the Brooklyn-based group abandons improvisation in favor of composition, utilizing sophisticated rhythmic structures from North- and West-African folk traditions to weave a sonic tapestry of trance-inducing grooves. "We didn't want to create anything cerebral," says pianist Amino ... more info

blanck mass - dumb flesh (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

blanck mass - dumb flesh (2x12inch vinyl lp)

sacred bones (us)
Benjamin John Power's newest solo offering as Blanck Mass, Dumb Flesh, was written, produced and recorded in a number of different locations over the space of a year. It began life in Fuck Buttons' 'Space Mountain' studio, moved into a windowless attic space in Hatch End, North London, then was finished up at Ben's new home in Edinburgh. The geographical spread of the sessions is reflected in the shifting landscapes of the tracks and the ... more info

blood warrior - letter ghost (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

blood warrior - letter ghost (12inch vinyl lp)

immune (us)
Blood Warrior is the New England folk duo of Greg Jamie (O'Death) and Joey Weiss (Super Monster). Blood Warrior makes music that exposes the intricacies of melancholy, unravelling its individual strands of sadness, redemption, and contemplation. The New England based duo turns heartbreak into something much more elusive and dream-like, enriching it with elements of otherworldly fantasy while retaining its raw emotional impact. Their idiosyncratic ... more info

c spencer yeh - solo voice i - x (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

c spencer yeh - solo voice i - x (12inch vinyl lp)

primary information (us)
Solo Voice I - X is the first LP by C Spencer Yeh devoted entirely to the voice. Yeh's practice has its most obvious precedents in the sound poetry scene of the '60s and '70s-recalling an outlier group like the Four Horsemen, at their most raw and a-verbal, as much as the circles and canons forged around post-Lettrist France-as well as in figures like Joan La Barbara. Over the past few years, he has moved from virtuosic, intensely physical ... more info

dariush dolat-shahi - electronic music, tar and sehtar (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dariush dolat-shahi - electronic music, tar and sehtar (12inch vinyl lp)

dead-cert (uk)
This release will undoubtedly be met by the same deep breaths that have been shared by the small group of collectors who, over the past few years, have held original copies of this rare Folkways release in such high regard. In simple terms this LP is the kind of record you wished existed while nothing really came close to the mark. Respectfully and subtly combining traditional Persian instrumentation, modular synth exercises, field recordings and ... more info

death and vanilla - to where the wild things are (12inch vinyl lp - orange) Buy Now 

death and vanilla - to where the wild things are (12inch vinyl lp - orange)

fire records (uk)
*Orange Vinyl Edition* Their sound is woozy, evocative and blatantly in thrall to the kaleidoscopic sounds of Broadcast, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Mazzy Star and 60?s Sci-Fi soundtracks. It?s beautifully listenable; A veritable tapestry of warm sounds to soothe and refresh. Their previous records have been popular but this could send them into the stratosphere?.

ekoplekz - reflekzionz (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ekoplekz - reflekzionz (2x12inch vinyl lp)

planet mu records ltd (uk)
Ekoplekz delivers his third long-player for Planet Mu, and whilst the murky four-track cassette sound and dirty analogue textures are still very much in place, keen ears might spot a subtle change in emphasis. There are less of the radiophonic sci-fi sounds, ancient drum machines and none of the post-punk bass or guitar. Instead, Nick Edwards mainly focuses on invoking a blurry, saturated false-memory of the leftfield electronica that was the ... more info

german army - in transit (cd) Buy Now 

german army - in transit (cd)

dub ditch picnic (ca)
A 70 minute collection of tracks from OOP cassette releases on Hobo Cult, Chondritic, Balaten, & Dub Ditch Picnic. In Transit allows fans who missed out on earlier ltd ed. cassettes an opportunity to hear some of the earliest GeAr sounds known. This is the first CD the band has released not counting the Turkish Bath CDR released on Kill Shaman in 2011. All tracks sequenced by DDP know-it-alls at the Dub Ditch & mastered for CD at Mortfell Recording ... more info

giorgio moroder - midnight express ost (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

giorgio moroder - midnight express ost (12inch vinyl lp)

the control group (us)
Available on vinyl for first time since its original 1978 release, Midnight Express is the incredible Giorgio Moroder soundtrack that won both the Oscar and Golden Globe award for Best Soundtrack when it was released. Moroder has gone on to produce and collaborate with everyone from Donna Summer to Daft Punk.

holly herndon - platform (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

holly herndon - platform (2x12inch vinyl lp)

rvng intl. (us)
Holly Herndon has become a leading light in contemporary alternative and electronic music by fearlessly experimenting within the outer reaches of dance music and pop songwriting structures. A galvanizing statement, Platform cements Herndon's reputation as a unique musician with a singular voice. Born in Tennessee, but reared on music abroad, Herndon broke out from her formative years in Berlin's minimal techno scene to repatriate to San Francisco, ... more info

ilyas ahmed - i am all your own (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ilyas ahmed - i am all your own (12inch vinyl lp)

immune (us)
*LIMITED RED VINYL EDITION* Born in Pakistan, Ahmed moved to America at a young age and wandered throughout his teenage years, eventually settling in his current home of Portland, OR. The songs on I Am All Your Own were thoroughly tested in front of live audiences in the Pacific Northwest and at the venerable Hopscotch Festival in North Carolina before being laid to tape in Portland, then mixed at Old Standard Sound. Concurrently with writing ... more info

kara-lis coverdale and lxv - sirens (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kara-lis coverdale and lxv - sirens (12inch vinyl lp)

umor rex (mx)
LP limited to 300 copies pressed on virgin vinyl. Packaged in an uncoated stock jacket with double sided insert, black polylined inner sleeve, and free download coupon. Sirens is the first collaborative LP of Kara-Lis Coverdale (Tim Hecker, L/B) and LXV (David Sutton). Following their respective solo cassette releases Aftertouches (2015) and Spectral Playmate (2014) on Sacred Phrases, Coverdale and LXV debut on Umor Rex with a collection of ... more info

mark fell & gabor lazar - the neurobiology of moral decision making (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

mark fell & gabor lazar - the neurobiology of moral decision making (2x12inch vinyl lp)

the death of rave (uk)
Mark Fell (SND/Sensate Focus) and Gábor Lázár's scintillating and innovative debut collaboration marks The Death of Rave's tenth release, following 2015 editions by The Automatics Group (RAVE 008LP) and N.M.O. (RAVE 009EP). The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making explores a radical re-calibration of conventional meter and tone in modern electronic music, probing specific aspects of Max/MSP software with the potential to acutely challenge our ... more info

micachu - feeling romantic feeling tropical feeling ill (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

micachu - feeling romantic feeling tropical feeling ill (2x12inch vinyl lp)

demdike stare (uk)
Mica Levi more or less owned 2014 with the release of that astonishing soundtrack to Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin, followed by this hour-long album-cum-mixtape for Demdike Stare's DDS imprint, which was released at the end of the year and sold out in a flash. It has now been reworked for this vinyl edition, and given a full remaster by Matt Colton. Levi is an artist who basically seems to channel attention deficit into exploring and re-shaping a ... more info

moondog - the viking of sixth avenue (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

moondog - the viking of sixth avenue (2x12inch vinyl lp)

honest jon's records (uk)
2015 repress, originally released in 2005. Tremendous gatefold presentation and one of HJR's most impressive documents to date. "The first overview of Moondog's amazing artistic life -- including recordings spanning from 1949 till 1995, with numerous 78s and various other vanished records revived for the first time (not to mention a couple of Weegee photographs!)."

mowlawner - chorus of plague and perversity (cassette) Buy Now 

mowlawner - chorus of plague and perversity (cassette)

handmade birds (us)
Mowlawner is the dark ambient/drone project of Eric Eijspaart, who is one half of Aaderlating. Since 2007, Mowlawner has been shapeshifting in spheres of dark ambient, harsh noise, drone, and cinematic soundscapes. This tape was mastered by Maurice de Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues). Chorus of Plague and Perversity is a C60 pro-dubbed tape on white and silver shells w/crimson ink. Edition of only 77 copies.

piero umiliani - l'uomo nello spazio (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

piero umiliani - l'uomo nello spazio (12inch vinyl lp)

dagored (it)
"I have dedicated these compositions to the spaceman, this new, modern Ulysses going adrift on the galaxian oceans..." --Piero Umiliani, 1972. The words of the great Piero Umiliani describe perfectly the soul of this record, originally released in 1972 and one of the rarest releases on Umiliani's legendary Omicron label. This first ever reissue is pressed on clear blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

piero umiliani as moggi - tra scienza e fantascienza (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

piero umiliani as moggi - tra scienza e fantascienza (12inch vinyl lp)

we release whatever the fuck we want records (sw)
Repressed! First vinyl reissue of a highly-sought after electronic abstract future jazz release by Italian soundtrack and library music composer Piero Umiliani, originally released on Umiliani's label Omicron in 1980 under the pseudonym Moggi. Umiliani's releases are generally expensive and hard to find, and Tra Scienza e Fantascienza is no exception. Umiliani was a master, gifted with a never-ending passion for music, and an experimental innovator ... more info

retribution body - aokigahara (12inch vinyl lp) ... more info
Sold Out
retribution body - aokigahara (12inch vinyl lp)

type (uk)
Boston, Massachusetts-based Matthew Azevedo is a world-class technician, and by day engineers architectural acoustic simulations, teaches students about musical acoustics at Berklee College of Music, and occasionally finds time to master the odd record. It's this rare set of skills that can be heard on Aokigahara, an album made up of two long slabs of low-frequency drone. Aokigahara's focus on bass isn't necessarily anything new -- it positions ... more info

robert crouch - organs (cd) Buy Now 

robert crouch - organs (cd)

dragon's eye recordings (us)
"This is how it should be done. Lodge yourself on a stratum, experiment with the opportunities it offers find an advantageous place on it, find potential movements of deterritorialization, possible lines of flight, experience them, produce flow conjunctions here and there, try out continua of intensities segment by segment, have a small plot of new land at all times." – Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus The three works comprising Organs were ... more info

thomas brinkmann - what you hear (is what you hear) (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

thomas brinkmann - what you hear (is what you hear) (2x12inch vinyl lp)

editions mego (at)
Thomas Brinkmann is renowned for audio works that hover among forms such as techno, minimalism, and ambient. Alongside such pioneering works as Klick (2000), Studio 1 - Variationen (1997), and 2012's duo with Oren Ambarchi, The Mortimer Trap (BT 006CD), with What You Hear (Is What You Hear) Brinkmann moves further to separate his art, not only from descriptive musical terms that oppress creative output, but also from the notion of an author in the ... more info

va - cargaa 2 (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

va - cargaa 2 (12inch vinyl)

warp records (uk)
For those unaware, Lisbon is having a moment. The youth of the city's neglected outer districts are speaking out and doing so through brash, innovative dance music and all-night warehouse parties.Taking polyrhythmic inspiration from the African diaspora and welding it intuitively to mutant contemporary club music artists like DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox ('Fox' being a widely-used nod to the titular character of the iconic Star Fox video game) have ... more info

vatican shadow/cut hands - azar swan variations (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

vatican shadow/cut hands - azar swan variations (12inch vinyl)

handmade birds (us)
n Azar Swan Variations, Vatican Shadow and Cut Hands each interpret, rework, and remix a track from the most recent Azar Swan album: And Blow Us A Kiss (released in 2014 on Zoo Music). The result is a beat driven, heavy, danceable assault spanning 20+ minutes on limited color vinyl. Limited to 400 copies for the world pressed on 180gram vinyl and packed in heavy jacket with black flooded pocket and black poly lined inner sleeve.

when - the black death (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

when - the black death (12inch vinyl lp)

idealogic organ (fr)
Originally released in 1992 on CD by Tatra; never previously reissued. "Coming out of the 1980s Norwegian post-punk scene, When is the solo project of Lars Pedersen. The first albums were in a similar landscape as what he was doing with industrial art-rock band Holy Toy, and his later works have veered into a wide range of territories, but in between all this we find his fourth album from 1992 -- The Black Death (titled Svartedauen in Norwegian) -- a ... more info

insanlar/ricardo villalobos - kime ne (2x12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

insanlar/ricardo villalobos - kime ne (2x12inch vinyl)

honest jon's records (uk)
Stunning new music from Istanbul! Wild baglama improvisation and mystical male-unison singing, atop the propulsive mass of a Berlin half-stepper, with turbulent detours into dub, radiophonics, and psychedelia. "Kime Ne" means "so what," "what's it got to do with you." The song adapts verses from the seventeenth-century poet Kul Nesîmî, wistfully invoking the Melami strain of Sufism as a touchstone of humility and tolerance in dark times. "Insanlar" ... more info

oren ambarchi - sleepwalker's conviction (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

oren ambarchi - sleepwalker's conviction (12inch vinyl lp)

black truffle (au)
"Sleepwalker's Conviction documents a 2014 performance by Oren Ambarchi in collaboration with a 20-piece ensemble conducted by Ilan Volkov and featuring members of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Speak Percussion. Foregoing the rhythmic propulsion and distortion-saturated harmonics that have featured in much of Ambarchi's recent work, the LP's single 40-minute piece inhabits a hushed, almost static space of extended tones, percussive shimmer, and ... more info

pyramids - a northern meadow (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

pyramids - a northern meadow (12inch vinyl lp)

profound lore (us)
"Now available in a limited edition on thick black vinyl, packaged in deluxe, tip-on gatefold jackets! Texas-based musical contingent Pyramids emerged seemingly out of nowhere with their self-titled debut LP released by Hydra Head Records in 2008. Drawing on elements of shoegaze, black metal, ambient/drone, avant-garde, and industrial, the record generated massive amounts of buzz and acclaim within experimental and extreme metal circles. The band ... more info

darren keen - usb is my co-pilot (bamboo necklace usb drive) Buy Now 

darren keen - usb is my co-pilot (bamboo necklace usb drive)

seclusiasis (us)
This rustic 4gb USB drive is chock full of dope Darren Keen content: Roland Is My Co-Pilot - 4 song EP (Wav & Mp3) Remix Is My Co-Pilot - 7 song EP (Wav & Mp3) featuring Todd Fink, Starkey, BSN Posse, Somejerk, King, Filtercutter and Normaling Remix Is Your Co-Pilot - Wav stems of the 4 Roland EP songs - make your own remix! Beautiful high resolution cover art by Tim Shaw & Christopher Brown Following up the digital release of a frantic yet melodic ... more info

ill-esha - hyperbolic space crochet (nug jar usb drive) Buy Now 

ill-esha - hyperbolic space crochet (nug jar usb drive)

seclusiasis (us)
This 4GB USB flash drive is chock full of exclusive bonus content in addition to the LP: Hyperbolic Space Crochet - 11 songs (Wav & Mp3) 20/20 Wav stems - make your own ill-esha remix! 2 Videos by SaucemonsterAV - sick visual interpretations of tracks 1 & 7 Beautiful high resolution art - PDF booklet plus desktop & phone wallpapers ill-esha has been a flourishing multi-talented artist, taking the world by storm from her early adventures in drum n' ... more info

colin stetson and sarah neufeld - never were the way she was (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

colin stetson and sarah neufeld - never were the way she was (12inch vinyl lp)

constellation (ca)
Two of Constellation's acclaimed solo instrumental artists join forces on this tremendous new album of original compositions for horn and violin. Colin Stetson has developed a unique and highly-acclaimed voice as a performer/composer, chiefly on bass and tenor saxophones, rallying an array of technical strengths and innovations to make some of the most captivatingly organic, darkly soulful and otherworldly solo instrumental work of recent years with ... more info

htrk - marry me tonight (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

htrk - marry me tonight (12inch vinyl lp)

ghostly international (us)
Like all three HTRK albums, 2009's Marry Me Tonight is singular in sound and circumstance. It's the only album the outfit recorded from start to finish as a trio, and it's the only HTRK record that bears the co-production stamp of Rowland S. Howard. Breathy, caustic and rife with contradiction, Marry Me Tonight took the raw material recorded on 2005's Nostalgia and transformed it into a pop record—pop that buckled and warped beneath the glare of ... more info

james welburn - hold (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

james welburn - hold (12inch vinyl lp)

miasmah (uk)
Includes download code. Limited to 500 copies. Like watching a massive twisting fire slowly fading into the open skies, accompanied by a drum section so repetitive yet mind-bending that you're unsure if it's ever going to stop. This is how Hold starts off, leaving you catching for your breath before the album has even reached the second track. James Welburn steps into the ashes covered in drones and noise together with drumming partner Tony Buck (The ... more info

rrose plays james tenney - having never written a note for percussion (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

rrose plays james tenney - having never written a note for percussion (12inch vinyl lp)

further (us)
Rrose (Sandwell District, Eaux, Stroboscopic Artefacts) has found her own niche in the American techno underground. Her hypnotic tracks incorporate ideas from ambient and minimalist music as prominently as they do the history of dance music, operating in the same fruitful cross-section between techno and the abstract as many other Further Records releases. Rrose's debt to experimental music has never been more obvious than on September 20, 2012, when ... more info

shampoo boy - crack (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

shampoo boy - crack (12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
The Vienna-based trio's second LP following 2013's crushing debut Licht (BLACKEST 016LP), Crack finds Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego), Christina Nemec (comfortzone), and Christian Schachinger crafting a powerful alloy of extreme electroacoustic music, luminous ambience, and the mineral fundaments of rock and black metal. Opener "Spalt" immediately signals a departure from the monolithic doom of Licht, conveying instead a sense of adrenalized movement, ... more info

the boats - abstraction (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the boats - abstraction (12inch vinyl lp)

other ideas (uk)
Abstraction continues The Boats' industrial cycle with a remorseless installment. Quite possibly the most potent of all three slabs, it finds the usually gentle souls of Andrew Hargreaves and Craig Tattersall revealing what they get up to when no-one is listening -- you'd think they're out bothering fields and folding paper until the candles run out but no, they're actually cranking out thunderous industrial beat-offs and dry stone walls of noise. ... more info

celer - jima (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

celer - jima (12inch vinyl lp)

i, absentee (us)
Launched in 2005, Celer is the work of Will Long, an American musician, educator, writer and photographer living in Japan, who also curates the Two Acorns label. Initially a duo based in California with Danielle Baquet, Celer has continued as a solo project since 2009, releasing music on numerous esteemed labels, such as Home Normal, Infraction, Spekk, and/OAR and many more. In addition, Will has collaborated on projects with notable artists such as ... more info

marie davidson - un autre voyage (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

marie davidson - un autre voyage (12inch vinyl lp)

holodeck (us)
*Includes download code.* From the prolific cultural epicenter of Montréal, Marie Davidson has emerged as one of the foremost electronic artists in contemporary underground pop today. As a long-time member of Les Momies de Palerme, Hotel Monochrome, DKMD, and Essaie Pas, Marie has continued to hone her many talents in Montréal's fervent experimental communities for much of her adult life. In 2012 Marie began to unveil compositions under her own name, ... more info

nochexxx - plot defender (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

nochexxx - plot defender (2x12inch vinyl lp)

type (uk)
Dave Henson has been producing electronic music on the fringes of any discernible scene since the late '90s, operating outside of the boundaries of good taste and slowly formulating his own very particular sound. Since 2010 he's been recording as Nochexxx, and firing the influence of vintage electro and early bleep techno through an arsenal of barely-working gear to create a sound that's as grubby as Wolf Eyes but with the unmistakable slap of late ... more info

swahili - amovrevx (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

swahili - amovrevx (12inch vinyl lp)

translinguistic other (us)
For fans of Swahili's lo-fi, séancing 2012 self-titled debut on Translinguistic Other, the polished pop of AMOVREVX might seem like a surprising departure, however the new album is a faithful chronicle of the band's studied forays into the realm of electronic music and the experience gained from more than seven years together in constant evolution. Named for the sixth arcanum of the Tarot de Marseilles, AMOVREVX ("The Lover") explores themes of ... more info

alan courtis/aaron moore - bring us some honest food (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

alan courtis/aaron moore - bring us some honest food (12inch vinyl lp)

dancing wayang (uk)
Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; housed in Dancing Wayang's customary hand-screenprinted wrap-around sleeve featuring a bold potato-print design by the label's own Anna Tjan. Exclusive liner notes courtesy of Tom Recchion (Smegma, Los Angeles Free Music Society). Dancing Wayang is thrilled to release Bring Us Some Honest Food, a collaboration between Argentine guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Alan Courtis and Brooklyn-based British drummer Aaron Moore. ... more info

nils frahm - screws (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

nils frahm - screws (12inch vinyl lp)

erased tapes (uk)
2015 repress. LP version. Berlin-based pianist Nils Frahm presents a 30 minute mini-album to his fans. Nils experienced an unfortunate accident, which saw him fall from his bunk bed located directly above his studio, which resulted in a broken thumb. But through inspiration from his fans and despite the four screws that had just been surgically placed inside his thumb, he started recording with nine fingers, which later resulted in nine intimate ... more info

france jobin + fabio perletta - mirror neurons (cd) Buy Now 

france jobin + fabio perletta - mirror neurons (cd)

dragon's eye recordings (us)
Mirror neurons represent a distinctive class of cells that fire both when an animal executes an action and when it observes another individual performing the same action. Discovered by Italian neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti and his team at the University of Parma while doing a research on the neural representation of motor movements in monkeys, the precise function and influence of these neurons has become one of the most important topic in ... more info

surgeon - communications (2014 remaster) (2x12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

surgeon - communications (2014 remaster) (2x12inch vinyl)

srx (uk)
This is the third release on the six-volume Surgeon reissue label SRX. Originally released on Downwards Records in 1996, Communications marked the first mini-album and a more fully-fleshed out concept release for Surgeon. So raw it will skin your knees. It still has the power to corrupt the youth of today.

raime - quarter turns over a living line (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

raime - quarter turns over a living line (2x12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
2015 repress; gatefold double LP version. Moving away from the sample-based strategies that characterized their early work, Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead have looked increasingly to live instrumentation for their first full-length work, mounting intensive recording sessions for percussion, guitar, and strings before painstakingly piecing the album together at their home studio. The gothic and industrial signifiers in their music remain, but more ... more info

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