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afx - orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

afx - orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 (12inch vinyl lp)

warp records (uk)
*Preorder for August 21st.* Richard D James returns for his first AFX release since the Analord series on Rephlex Records.

afx - orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 (cd) Buy Now 

afx - orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 (cd)

warp records (uk)
*Preorder for August 21st.* Richard D James returns for his first AFX release since the Analord series on Rephlex Records.

prurient - frozen niagara falls (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

prurient - frozen niagara falls (3x12inch vinyl lp)

profound lore (ca)
America’s most prominent noise figure, Dominick Fernow has for the better part of two decades helped shape and reinvent the genre with a stream of works under the Prurient moniker. A project unlike any other in the realms of experimental, ambient and noise, Prurient continually mutates from one incarnation to the next. Fernow often treads a fine line between harsh noise extremity and atmospheric beauty—his massive, layered walls of sound may be ... more info

seekersinternational - her.imperial.majesty (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

seekersinternational - her.imperial.majesty (12inch vinyl lp)

boomarm nation (us)
"10 tracks of potent, crackling dub abstraction and sound system meditations. This album is a special SKRS dedication to the all powerful divine feminine force, the international Gyal dem! Housed in an incredible gold, black, & white printed sleeve designed by SKRS in-house visual wing, MYSTERYFORMS. Limited to 550 copies."

surgeon - tresor 97-99 (3cd box) Buy Now 

surgeon - tresor 97-99 (3cd box)

tresor (be)
Tresor is fortunate enough to be sitting on a catalog of past releases that no other label in electronic music would turn down. Three of the finest in this collection were contributed by Surgeon; Basictonalvocabulary (TRESOR 10073LP), Balance (TRESOR 096LP), and Force + Form all originally came out on the Berlin institution between 1997 and 1999. Surgeon's inimitable combination of Detroit techno and post-industrial sounds emanating from his British ... more info

arthur russell - corn (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arthur russell - corn (12inch vinyl lp)

audika records (us)
"It has been seven years since Audika last issued an album of Arthur Russell material. The wait ends this summer with Corn, nine tracks Russell recorded in 1982 and 1983. In collaboration with Russell's partner Tom Lee, Audika's Steve Knutson compiled Corn from Arthur's original, completed 1/4" tape masters. Russell himself compiled this material on three separate test pressings -- labeled El Dinosaur, Indian Ocean, and Untitled, respectively -- in ... more info

biosphere - microgravity (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

biosphere - microgravity (3x12inch vinyl lp)

biophon (no)
Triple LP version. A remastered version of Biosphere's debut album Microgravity with a bonus album of previously unreleased tracks. From Wikipedia: "Geir Jenssen began releasing his music as Biosphere on obscure Norwegian compilation albums. His first Biosphere releases were the 12-inch single The Fairy Tale and the album Microgravity, both of which were rejected by SSR as unmarketable. Microgravity was released in 1991 on the Norwegian label Origo ... more info

black dirt oak & jantar - presage (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

black dirt oak & jantar - presage (12inch vinyl lp)

mie (uk)
"Presage is an LP less split than twinned, like stars, each side pulled into a mesmerising gravitational dance by the other's backspin. Black Dirt Oak and Jantar, siblings of sibilance and site, complete one another's sentences in a dark and uncanny psychic psalmistry. For their part, Black Dirt Oak stomps out a series of chthonic ur-grooves, filthy bare feet splintered by silicon shards and splashing in puddles of molten rare earths. They kick up a ... more info

hauntologists - hauntologists (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

hauntologists - hauntologists (12inch vinyl lp)

hauntologists (de)
LP version. A specter is haunting the clubs -- the specter of ancient rhythms that have been wandering over this planet for millions of years. Jay Ahern and Stefan Schneider summoned this specter, and now it will not let them be. The truth is they don't want to part ways. Together they are Hauntologists, and together they unchain the ghosts in the machines. Coarse and physical; dark and sexually-charged updates of ancient rhythms -- and motorik, ... more info

moggi aka piero umiliani - omaggio ad einstein (deluxe) (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

moggi aka piero umiliani - omaggio ad einstein (deluxe) (12inch vinyl lp)

dagored (it)
Deluxe LP edition pressed on yellow vinyl and presented in custom "big hole" jacket; limited to 500 copies. Omaggio ad Einstein has a special place among the many albums of electronic music composed by Piero Umiliani. In this homage to the German physicist, Umiliani subverts the rules of space and time in music and creates an album with 23 compositions, all of them less than two minutes long, instead of following the traditional 7-10 tracks usually ... more info

moritz von oswald trio - sounding lines (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

moritz von oswald trio - sounding lines (2x12inch vinyl lp)

honest jon's records (uk)
The Moritz Von Oswald Trio opens a new chapter. There's a new configuration to the project, with Tony Allen joining original members Moritz von Oswald and Max Loderbauer. Allen, the legendary drummer who's amassed a formidable catalog both as a solo artist and as part of Fela Kuti's band, has taken over percussion duties from Vladislav Delay. Together, von Oswald, Loderbauer, and Allen form something close to a dream team, two masters of the ... more info

nils frahm - music for the motion picture victoria (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

nils frahm - music for the motion picture victoria (12inch vinyl lp)

erased tapes (uk)
Nils Frahm presents his first film score, composed for single-take feature film Victoria (2015). Filmed in Berlin, Victoria centers on a runaway party girl who's asked by three friendly men to join them as they hit the town. Their wild night of partying suddenly turns into a bank robbery as the music changes from techno to subdued piano sounds. For the recording session at Studio P4 in Berlin, Frahm enlisted the help of long-time collaborator and ... more info

the fear ratio - refuge of a twisted soul (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the fear ratio - refuge of a twisted soul (2x12inch vinyl lp)

skam (uk)
The Fear Ratio (Mark Broom and James Ruskin) present Refuge of a Twisted Soul, an album of sheer quality, and deep and heavy music. A truly prolific artist, Mark Broom has worked with world-renowned labels and artists for decades, beginning in the summer of 1989, when Broom landed in Tenerife on vacation and stumbled across the delights of the emerging sounds of Chicago and acid house. Returning to the UK, he immediately went in search of this ... more info

blood music - chicks/badgering (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

blood music - chicks/badgering (12inch vinyl)

diagonal (uk)
On this long-gestated follow-up to 2013's eponymous EP, Simon Pomery's Blood Music project continues to rage, syncing Taiko-inspired drumming patterns with vicious metal guitar dissonance and contact mic haptics. "Chicks" runs at a febrile EBM heartrate, pelting modular palpitations made alongside Russell Haswell against walls of guitar feedback-as-melody like a thuggish Keiji Haino. "Badgering" reengages the 'floor with improvised, squabbling ... more info

fis - the blue quicksand is going now (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

fis - the blue quicksand is going now (12inch vinyl lp)

loopy (uk)
Following a series of EPs on the likes of Samurai Horo and Tri Angle, Olly Peryman wrote The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now during stints living in Europe and his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. The album strikes a spectacular balance between the meditative and disruptive, and marks a continued move away from the high-octane experimental D&B productions that initially marked Peryman out (notably 2012's Duckdive EP), toward something that both ... more info

four tet - morning / evening (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

four tet - morning / evening (12inch vinyl lp)

text (uk)
“The new album. Produced by Kieran Hebden between August 2014 & February 2015. This music was created on a laptop computer using the Ableton Live software to control & mix VST synthesizers & manipulations of found audio recordings.”

innercity - ababababababas (blue lion child) (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

innercity - ababababababas (blue lion child) (12inch vinyl lp)

further (us)
Do you ever listen to a record and worry about its creator's sanity? Granted, it rarely happens, but in the case of Innercity -- Antwerp producer Hans Dens -- it's a legitimate concern. Thankfully, Dens's apparent madness manifests itself in music so uncompromising and off the charts of classification that it convinces you that any kind of sonic innovation at this late date demands a bit of mental instability. By way of explanation, Dens says, ... more info

j.g. biberkopf - ecologies (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

j.g. biberkopf - ecologies (12inch vinyl lp)

knives (de)
Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare's hugely promising Knives label debuts with the hyper-lucid constructs of J.G. Biberkopf's Ecologies, housed in suitably striking artwork by Joe Hamilton. Hailing from Lithuania, Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf has hatched a dramatic and immersive aesthetic, drawing upon cutting-edge instrumental grime, net phenomenology, and cyber-ambient sound design to patch collaged spheres working across club, theater, and digital radio ... more info

rex ilusivii - in the moon cage (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

rex ilusivii - in the moon cage (2x12inch vinyl lp)

offen music (nl)
What's the definition of a treasure? Perhaps something precious, hidden in a safe place by a king? Offen Music begins its journey... stunning stuff. Serbian electronic music pioneer Rex Illusivii (Latin for "The King of Illusions") left an extensive collection of never-heard-before musical gems in his mother's place, and other secluded corners of the world. They have been properly archived, years after his death in a studio fire in Brazil in 1999, on ... more info

rp boo - fingers, bank pads & shoe prints (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

rp boo - fingers, bank pads & shoe prints (2x12inch vinyl lp)

planet mu records ltd (uk)
"Footwork"-the very word indicates a movement of the feet that is "work" (as in an effort to achieve). Its joyous social party nature sits within a lineage of African American history that includes the infamous Soul Train dance tunnel and Hip Hop dance circles. However, as Footwork continues to become more popular, we should not forget that at its essence it is a highly evolved battle form. This is the central theme one feels listening to the ... more info

strategy - noise tape self (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

strategy - noise tape self (12inch vinyl lp)

further (us)
Working with a quiet intensity since 2003, Strategy has proven himself to be an incredibly resourceful and rewarding musician in both group settings and as a solo artist. In the latter guise, this Portland, Oregon producer/multi-instrumentalist (aka Paul Dickow) has released a prolific amount of excellent work for quality indie labels such as Kranky, Idle Hands, 100% Silk, Endless Flight, and Entr'acte, putting a cerebral yet sensual spin on dub, ... more info

surgeon - balance (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

surgeon - balance (2x12inch vinyl lp)

tresor (be)
Tresor is fortunate enough to be sitting on a catalog of past releases that no other label in electronic music would turn down. Three of the finest in this collection were contributed by Surgeon; Basictonalvocabulary (TRESOR 10073LP), Balance, and Force + Form all originally came out on the Berlin institution between 1997 and 1999. Surgeon's inimitable combination of Detroit techno and post-industrial sounds emanating from his British homeland found ... more info

when - the black death (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

when - the black death (12inch vinyl lp)

idealogic organ (fr)
Originally released in 1992 on CD by Tatra; never previously reissued. "Coming out of the 1980s Norwegian post-punk scene, When is the solo project of Lars Pedersen. The first albums were in a similar landscape as what he was doing with industrial art-rock band Holy Toy, and his later works have veered into a wide range of territories, but in between all this we find his fourth album from 1992 -- The Black Death (titled Svartedauen in Norwegian) -- a ... more info

jon brooks - 52 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jon brooks - 52 (12inch vinyl lp)

claypipe music (uk)
”Evening Edition”. The second edition of Jon Brooks '52' with new artwork. 500 hand numbered copies, on beautiful reverse mat board with a download code inside the sleeve. Jon Brooks returns to Clay Pipe after 2012's sell out 'Shapwick'. '52' sees Jon taking a gentle side step away from his Advisory Circle work for Ghost Box, into more personal and reflective territory. Inspired by his Grandmothers' house, synth-laden and atmospheric '52' contains 14 ... more info

rrose - for aquantice (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

rrose - for aquantice (12inch vinyl)

eaux (uk)
*Limited White Vinyl Edition.* Superb new 3-tracker from Rrose, the first new release of 2015. Rrose returns to Eaux with three new spellbinding techno tracks. "Levitate" starts patiently with cosmic difference tones and sub bass bursts leading to the sudden drop of hammering, polyrhythmic drums, while "Vellum" is a syncopated, percussion-heavy ride through frequency modulated peaks and belly-churning valleys. On side B, "Signs" takes us on an ... more info

veil (oliver ho) - transform (2x12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

veil (oliver ho) - transform (2x12inch vinyl)

light and dark (uk)
Here we have a timely re-release of this much overlooked, later period Oliver Ho title – this eight track doublepack comes in with a full picture sleeve at a superb price and has a fantastic mixture of styles that reminds of Christian Morgenstern at his 'Miscellaneous' best whilst easily demonstrating its UK techno pedigree… Light and Dark is the experimental techno label run by Oliver Ho.

heroin in tahiti - sun and violence (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

heroin in tahiti - sun and violence (2x12inch vinyl lp)

boring machines (it)
2LP in Gatefold Sleeve. Heroin In Tahiti return with “Sun And Violence”: a new, mammoth double LP which ideally stands for the technicolor version of their “Canicola” cassette, released in 2014 by No=FI Recordings. As with the aforementioned tape, source and inspiration of “Sun And Violence” is Italian folklore and the work of ethnomusicologist Diego Carpitella in Southern Italy during the 50s. This time, Heroin In Tahiti abandon the freaked out ... more info

ata kak - daa nyinaa b/w bome nnwom (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

ata kak - daa nyinaa b/w bome nnwom (12inch vinyl)

awesome tapes from africa (us)
Ata Kak's legendary tape Obaa Sima introduced one of the greatest left-field dance floor jammers of all time, "Daa Nyinaa." Now available on 12" single for the first time, the song Ata Kak recorded in his Toronto apartment in 1993 lives on. The artist was cloaked in mystery until very recently; he created a joyously idiosyncratic balancing act of highlife, R&B, rap and house music that resonated with listeners many miles and several years away. The ... more info

barnett & coloccia - weld (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

barnett & coloccia - weld (12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett return to Blackest Ever Black with their second duo album, Weld; working with synthesizers, effected vocals, raw electrical noise, field recordings, EVP techniques, tape manipulation, and drum machines to create a music at once lucid and mystic. Its songs embody various experiential philosophies and objectives: searching for the sacred in the forgotten and supposedly useless; exploring the meaning of "natural"; ... more info

dolphins into the future / lieven martens moana - songs of gold, incandescent (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dolphins into the future / lieven martens moana - songs of gold, incandescent (12inch vinyl lp)

edicoes cn (be)
Expanded Edition On Vinyl. Edition of only 170 copies. Recorded in Antwerp and on location, 2010–2014. Songs Of Gold are nine small portraits. Five tracks that where featured on the cassette versions PLUS four extra tracks for this vinyl version. Culled from compilations, limited run cassette releases, choreographies, and 7” singles. Some pieces were worked on for a length of time, others materialized in just about one take. All the songs are derived ... more info

funkstörung - funkstörung (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

funkstörung - funkstörung (2x12inch vinyl lp)

monkeytown (de)
Double LP version. Includes download code. German duo Funkstörung return from a ten-year break following their 2005 album The Return to the Acid Planet with their fourth album, arriving like a twisted Janus-head on a perfectly toned body. It's everything you've expected from glitch-hop's inventors and everything you have not. For those eagerly waiting for Funkstörung to deliver a new electronic innovation, like they did with their first record: this ... more info

leafcutter john - resurrection (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

leafcutter john - resurrection (12inch vinyl lp)

desire path (us)
A panorama of vocals drifting over a densely processed terrain of mud-caked percussion and guitar, Leafcutter John's new solo album, Resurrection, is a characteristically unique blend of the electronic and the acoustic, the hi-tech, the human and the homemade. Resurrection is the sixth Leafcutter John album and his first solo release since 2006's The Forest and The Sea CD / LP (Staubgold). In the intervening nine years, John has toured from Vietnam ... more info

lieven martens moana - music from the guardhouse (cassette) Buy Now 

lieven martens moana - music from the guardhouse (cassette)

edicoes cn (be)
Recorded in Antwerp. Winter / spring 2012 – 2013, and spring 2015. Inspired by a poem of Percy Shelley, mid 20th century radio plays, and – of course – an island. This cassette is a revised version of the eponymous LP, released two years ago. A playwright visits an uninhabited island. He takes a rest in an abandoned lighthouse, nods off and enters the island’s mind. Through transfiguration into the isle’s forms – rock, shrubs, water, its fauna and ... more info

niagara - impar (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

niagara - impar (12inch vinyl)

principe discos (pt)
Organic house music produced and mixed live. Second EP on Príncipe after the highly sought-after "Ouro Oeste" (P003).

tilth - country music (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

tilth - country music (12inch vinyl lp)

round bale recordings (us)
Ltd. Ed. LP of 150 copies. Pleased to announce the inaugural release on Round Bale Recordings, a private press record label associated with the Free Form Freakout podcast series (a.k.a. The FFFoxy Podcast) that will focus on small edition releases across various physical formats. This first LP comes from the group Tilth and their long-awaited sophomore album. Initially the duo of Cody Yantis and Nathan McLaughlin, whose debut Angular Music came out ... more info

va - next life (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

va - next life (3x12inch vinyl lp)

hyperdub records (uk)
One-off triple vinyl pressing of the Teklife crew footwork collection, first released in late 2014, celebrating the footwork scene established by Traxman and exposed to the masses by DJ Rashad. All tracks remastered for optimum vinyl reproduction. Includes exclusives extra track "All I Feel" by J-Dub. Heavyweight silver vinyl, high grade triple gatefold sleeve, 3xLP. 1000 total worldwide. A1 - DJ Spinn x Taso - Burn That Kush - 3:38 A2 - DJ Earl x DJ ... more info

eek - kahraba (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

eek - kahraba (12inch vinyl lp)

nashazphone (eg)
Kahraba is the debut studio album of Islam Chipsy's EEK. Recorded in late 2014 in downtown Cairo, it contains four tracks perfectly representing Chipsy's wild and inimitable artistic spectrum, ranging from the frenzied sound signature technique that brought him his fame ("Trinity" and "Kahraba") to the band's individual maneuverings of typical Egyptian standards such as the Northeastern Nile delta "Simsimiyya" in "El-Bawaba" or Upper Egypt's ... more info

kink gong - tanzania (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kink gong - tanzania (12inch vinyl lp)

discrepant (uk)
Another unique document of Laurent Jeanneau aka Kink Gong's electronic deconstructions, this time stepping away from his usual Southeast Asia area of expertise and releasing some of his first reinterpretations and field recordings made in the late '90s in Tanzania, Africa. "December 1999, Tanzania. I had an appointment with James Stephenson an American friend from the 90s in NYC, he used to skip the American winter every year to be with the Hadzas ... more info

m. zalla (piero umiliani) - problemi d'oggi (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

m. zalla (piero umiliani) - problemi d'oggi (12inch vinyl lp)

black sweat records (it)
Italian maestro Piero Umiliani, during his period of fascination with psychedelic and electronic atmospheres, composed a good number of musical portraits dedicated, as this title reveals, to the problems of his time. In the early '70s, Italians were worried about the mafia, terrorism, and social conflicts; and one can sense that the music represents these anxieties in its experimental nature. Dark, disturbing, and unique in the long and extremely ... more info

jannick schou - fabrik (12inch vinyl lp + download) ... more info
jannick schou - fabrik (12inch vinyl lp + download)

experimedia (us)
LIMITED LP EDITION OF 300 COPIES. INCLUDES IMMEDIATE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD WITH BONUS REMIXES. After nearly a year of preparation & 6 months at the pressing plant Experimedia is pleased to present "Fabrik" the second album on Experimedia by Denmark's Jannick Schou following his 2011 album "The Act of Shimmering". Like his 2013 self released EP "Fasjil", "Fabrik" sees Schou further fold his powerful ambient sound into deep & heavy techno territories. ... more info

andrew weathers ensemble - fuck everybody, you can do anything (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

andrew weathers ensemble - fuck everybody, you can do anything (12inch vinyl lp)

full spectrum (us)
Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything marks the third studio release from Andrew Weathers and his Ensemble, completing a trilogy that began with their 2011 opus We’re Not Cautious. The album feels at once like an extension of the previous recordings, as much as it does a jumping off point for whatever comes next. Through years of tireless touring and promoting fresh sonic shapes via the Full Spectrum imprint, Weathers has mapped the disparate dots ... more info

helm - olympic mess (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

helm - olympic mess (2x12inch vinyl lp)

pan (uk)
Double LP version. Pressed on 140-gram vinyl. London-based experimentalist Luke Younger (aka Helm) returns to PAN with Olympic Mess, a record born of destructive practice, competing desires, and troubled optimism. Where his previous effort, 2014's The Hollow Organ (PAN 050EP), dealt in dense, distressed sonics, Olympic Mess is Younger responding to a period spent engaged with loop-based industrial music, dub techno, and balearic disco. These musical ... more info

celeste boursier-mougenot - from hear to ear (cassette) Buy Now 

celeste boursier-mougenot - from hear to ear (cassette)

cassauna (us)
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot produces music in surprising and unexpected ways through large- scale acoustic environments. Boursier-Mougenot's immersive sonic installation, From Here to Ear, introduces a flock of 70 brightly plumed zebra finches to a gallery-turned-aviary to live among iconic Gibson Les Paul and Thunderbird bass guitars. By turns ambient and melodic, a constantly changing soundscape emerges as the finches explore their environment, ... more info

panabrite - disintegrating (cassette) Buy Now 

panabrite - disintegrating (cassette)

immune (us)
Disintegrating Landscape is a brand new limited cassette release from Panabrite following his 2014 album Pavilion (Immune 033). In late 2014 Panabrite’s Norm Chambers began stitching together recently collected bits of sounds and field recordings to create a sort of epic travelogue of ideas and movement, where things end up in stark contrast to how they begin. Initially Disintegrating Landscape was one continuous 47-minute piece, but has now been ... more info

cdx - sports (cassette) Buy Now 

cdx - sports (cassette)

suite 309 (us)
CDX is a new/abbreviated alias of Tim Thornton, who is both behind the Tiger Village alias and Suite 309. Nine acid house and IDM inspired tracks, performed on hardware and recorded live to stereo cassette.

jeremy bible - fractures (download) ... more info
jeremy bible - fractures (download)

experimedia (us)
Fractures began as a small sound installation consisting of film tins filled with objects including nails, tacks, ball bearings and other miscellaneous objects. The film tins were then equipped with piezo microphones plugged into amps then placed atop upward facing speakers. Evolving frequencies were then mixed into the speakers in order to vibrate and stimulate the film tins and their contents at varying intensities. The installation then evolved ... more info

ken camden - dream memory (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ken camden - dream memory (12inch vinyl lp)

kranky (us)
"Guitarist Ken Camden returns for his third solo album, continuing his explorations to seek out new techniques and sounds from the electric guitar. By utilizing both a steel slide and e-bow technique, Camden has moved into micro-tonal territory to bridge the textural gap between guitar and synthesizer while examining their inherent differences. The palette is further broadened by introducing an organic vocal sampling machine described as a Vocaltron. ... more info

errorsmith & mark fell - protogravity ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

errorsmith & mark fell - protogravity ep (12inch vinyl)

pan (uk)
The first collaborative single from electronic composers Mark Fell and Erik Wiegand, the latter appearing under his Errorsmith alias for the first time since 2004. The seminal Errorsmith albums from the turn of the millennium are often referenced beside Fell's early works as pivotal moments in the evolution of club music. Made in June 2014 at Weigand's Berlin studio, the Protogravity EP is a cohesive collection of subterranean techno; three hypnotic ... more info

jim o'rourke - simple songs (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jim o'rourke - simple songs (12inch vinyl lp)

drag city (us)
2015, and the silence has been broken with Simple Songs. JIM O'ROURKE is ready to talk to you again. First, he wants you to know he's not dead-yet. But you're not, either-and really, what have you done lately? Certainly not made your first pop album since 2001-and even if you had, it probably wasn't any good. Meanwhile Simple Songs is more than just a first of anything since whenever! It's an amazing record of musical song entertainment-because Jim ... more info

drainolith - hysteria (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

drainolith - hysteria (12inch vinyl lp)

nna tapes (us)
NNA is very proud to present our second release from Canadian hero Alexander Moskos' Drainolith project. Following up 2012's "Fighting!" full length LP, "Hysteria" reaches new levels in the Draino sound world, resulting in his most fully realized record to date. Moskos has spent years marinating solo in the cold Northern underground, cutting his chops as lead axegrinder with Montreal-based noise punks AIDS Wolf, and most recently rolling with North ... more info

alain goraguer - la planete sauvage ost (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

alain goraguer - la planete sauvage ost (12inch vinyl lp)

superior viaduct (us)
Animated sci-fi masterpiece La Plančte Sauvage (a.k.a. Fantastic Planet), winner at Cannes Film Festival in 1973, is a bizarre and beautiful film. Towering blue-skinned figures, tiny humanoids in the midst of revolt, and drug-induced Tantric sex transport viewers to a truly magical setting. Composer Alain Goraguer creates an equally hypnotic score from a palette of effects-laden guitars, flutes, Fender Rhodes and strings. While the lush arrangements ... more info

pye corner audio - pye corner audio single (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

pye corner audio - pye corner audio single (10inch vinyl)

death waltz (uk)
Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to unleash a new offering in our Originals line, this time from the acclaimed Head Technician of PYE CORNER AUDIO taking you on a sonic journey through yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Mystery abounds; the hiss and buzz of old machinery envelops you-the voyage has begun and you have awoken from cryogenic slumber. Welcome to 2080. A doom-laden synthesizer riff takes control and guides you with unerring precision, ... more info

vilod - safe in harbour (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

vilod - safe in harbour (2x12inch vinyl lp)

perlon (de)
Double LP version. The smart and airy groove of atoms in space rules this mesmerizing album from Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer as Vilod, leading off with an irresistibly deconstructed downbeat monstrosity deceptively tagged as the "Modern Hit Midget" -- it's actually a giant. One giant of seven, to be precise: Safe in Harbour contains seven giants of free funk that proceed through a variety of way-out psychedelicacies. Which increase in ... more info

stellar om source - nite glo (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

stellar om source - nite glo (12inch vinyl)

rvng intl. (us)
Nite-Glo is the new offering from Stellar OM Source, the outro-minded music venture of Christelle Gauldi. Tempering the freneticism unleashed on Stellar OM Source's 2013 album Joy One Mile, Nite-Glo guides Gauldi's rhythms to unexpected places of emotive and meditative power. The four tracks of Nite-Glo were written during a transient time for Gauldi. Loss and processing the associated emotions informed those moments in which Gualdi could escape to ... more info

charles cohen - brother i prove you wrong (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

charles cohen - brother i prove you wrong (2x12inch vinyl lp)

morphine records (it)
Composer, improviser, and Buchla Music Easel master Charles Cohen returns to Morphine with a suite of material recorded in 2014. In keeping with the timbre spectrum of his semi-modular system, Brother I Prove You Wrong is built around pointillist analog tones -- Cohen's cosmic "beeps and boops" -- that swarm and scatter in mesmeric patterns across four sides. Moving through surrealistic textural overlays and industrial miasma, the album's nine tracks ... more info

container - lp (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

container - lp (12inch vinyl lp)

spectrum spools (us)
Ren Schofield's Container took the world of underground electronic music by storm with the debut LP in 2011 (SP 007LP). Following massive amounts of touring and the powerful follow-up LP, LP, in 2012 (SP 025LP), the project became a must-experience staple everywhere from U.S. basements to Berghain. After two fantastic EP recordings on Morphine (Treatment, DOSER 016EP, 2013) and Liberation Technologies, Container returns with the first full-length ... more info

event cloak - life strategies (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

event cloak - life strategies (12inch vinyl lp)

orange milk (us)
Under the moniker Event Cloak and as part of the duo Sundrips, Montreal's Nick Maturo has been a heavy purveyor of avant-garde synthesizer music since 2010. Life Strategies is his first LP release and a major step for the artist, with an emphasis on sparse arrangements of digital electronics and chopped vocal samples. Each track unfolds with total clarity, utilizing the minimum amount of elements necessary to highlight their melodic, harmonic, and ... more info

lakker - tundra (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lakker - tundra (12inch vinyl lp)

apollo records (uk)
Following ‘Containing A Thousand’ and the ‘Mountain Divide’ EP, their pair of sublime releases for the label, Lakker now deliver their debut album ‘Tundra’, perfectly in line with R&S’s techno heritage whilst also taking in influence and inspiration from the varied likes of No U-Turn Records, the choral music of Arvo Part, Merzbow, early Human League, and raw ethnic music.

luke abbott - music for a flat landscape: the goob ost (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

luke abbott - music for a flat landscape: the goob ost (12inch vinyl lp)

buffalo temple (uk)
Following his critically acclaimed second album 'Wysing Forest', Luke Abbott's next long-form release is the award-winning soundtrack to the British film 'The Goob'. Composed and produced by Luke Abbott in full, the LP picks up where his previous record left off. 'Music For A Flat Landscape' is a set of beautiful, meditative electronic music that shows Luke Abbott is a composer and musician at his zenith. The music was awarded 'Best Soundtrack' at ... more info

barnett/ortmann - seasonal attrition (cassette) Buy Now 

barnett/ortmann - seasonal attrition (cassette)

centre (us)
“Seasonal Attrition” marks the first collaborative release of Andy Ortmann and Alex Barnett under their surnames. However, these musicians have a history which includes some overlapping with their various projects. Ortmann, a long-time Chicago Experimental music fixture, earned that title largely due to his work as Panicsville. Barnett has more recently been introduced to listeners through his solo work and Barnett + Coloccia project. With such ... more info

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