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Promo Submissions // If you would like us to consider distributing releases include all important information in a clean and organized manner which allows us to easily hear the work you are presenting. We receive an overwhelming amount of solicitations and are unable to reply to stock everything or reply to everyone. Thank you for understanding.

Demo Submissions // !!STREAMS ONLY!! I will only listen to streams initially. If I want to hear more I will be in touch. I am being extremely selective at this time when it comes to committing to new releases on Experimedia. Currently seeking radically experimental and challenging electronic work of the cold mechanical abstract variety. NOT ambient or drone. NOT walls of noise. NOT saturated in reverb and/or distortion. NOT blanketed in tape hiss. NOT pretty. NOT Kosmische/Synth jams. NOT anything even loosely resembling pop or rock. Been a bit bored with everything lately. Challenge and excite me please.

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